When Life Seems Jolly Rotten

I’m not going to say that life will never be the same again – life WILL be the same again. But for the moment, and for as long as it has to be, our lives are going to be different.

So here are a few positive thoughts about this strange situation that we all find ourselves in. Lord knows we need to cling on to the positive.

  • With fewer cars on the road, there will be fewer road traffic accidents.
  • With no-one out drinking, there will be fewer fights, no-one throwing up in doorways, no instantly regretted one night stands.
  • With most shops closed, there will be less shop-lifting.
  • With no-one out and about there will be less litter dropped.
  • Fewer cars on the roads means less pollution.
  • We’re saving money on petrol, clothes, haircuts, meals out, cinema tickets.
  • Limited access to beauty spots and so on, particularly at this time of the year, will give plants and animals chance to breed/flower, and generally get on with it, without being disturbed.
  • Everyone off work from a job that was causing them stress has a few weeks to recover themselves and, maybe, work out what they can do about it.
  • Constant hand-washing, and the sanitizing of anything that doesn’t move, will mean that fewer people catch the common cold, seasonal flu or the norovirus – and a myriad other things.
  • We are learning the vital role that some of the lowest paid members of the workforce play in keeping things going. Hopefully we will remember for long enough to give them the appreciation they deserve when this is all over.
  • Some of us have spoken to neighbours we’ve never spoken to before.
  • We no longer need to mix with those ‘friends’ we don’t like.
  • Time. In our busy lives we all complained that we never had enough time. Now it’s available in abundance.

I’m sure there are more. Let me know the upsides you’ve discovered – how are you using your time to best advantage?

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels

10 Comments Add yours

  1. anglosvizzera says:

    Yes, you can already see positive things happening. I saw a couple of people I know on Facebook saying that they’d both seen a woodpecker in their respective gardens (not the same one of course) for the first time ever. Families are able to spend much needed time together and enjoy things they’d never done before – several I know are experimenting with growing their own produce, for example, and my daughter has invested in a bicycle so she and her husband can take their little boy out on his ‘birthday bike’ all together in a relatively quiet and unpolluted environment. Bread-making and foraging are becoming popular too.

    Of course, some things don’t seem to have changed – there are still litter bugs around here, goodness knows why they can’t take their rubbish home or put it in the nearest bin. And I saw on the news last night that the staff of the online clothing store ASOS were complaining that their work environment was dangerous as they’re not able to maintain a 2 metre distance and are all crammed together on the work bus to the warehouse and back. It seems that ASOS has had a sale at the weekend and people are STILL having to buy clothes! Are they kitting themselves out for a great big celebration when this is all over???

    I am not sure things will be exactly the same afterwards though, with smaller airlines possibly no longer being as affordable as they were (if they still exist), small businesses having to start from scratch if they can. We had a ‘zero-waste’ shop in our little town which was going from strength to strength but has had to close. Hopefully it’ll start again later on.

    And another sad story; a local pub, which had been closed for years, re-opened last year with a lovely young family running it and was also becoming a thriving business over the past few months – has now closed again, the young family (with 2 small children) being told to move out with only 4-weeks’ notice and that they wouldn’t be getting their deposit back, a sum of a few thousand pounds! Apparently this notice was served before the government brought in measures to protect tenants and I can only hope that this family has been able to appeal as they had nowhere to go, and nowhere to store their belongings.

    This crisis seems to be polarising human nature – some people are showing their true (nasty) colours while others are falling over themselves to help those in need.

    I’ll be glad when some semblance of normality returns…but for now we have to take each day at a time.


    1. That’s lovely that they saw woodpeckers! We have a couple of magpies in the garden centre at work, since people rarely go in there now. Also, I saw a heron fly over!! It’s not all great, of course, but if we can see some of the positives, it can’t do any harm. xx

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  2. Michelle says:

    This is all vey well said!!! Bravo! I hope and pray that people will actually change from this experience in many ways, turning away from materialism and getting back to the simple pleasures in life such as they are forced to enjoy now. I’ve seen so many families walking by my home that I’ve never seen before in my six years here. Wouldnt it be lovely if the pace of life slowed down a bit after this.

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    1. It would be lovely if we learnt from it, wouldn’t it. I suspect some of us will and some of us won’t. xx


      1. Haha – yes, I saw these photos on Facebook!! We really are living in crazy times!!


  3. I also think we are making an impact on our environment globally: less waste, less focus on material things, less of everything.

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    1. I think it’s given many of us a chance to step back and look at things. Hopefully we’re all learning what’s truly important. xx


  4. SisterStay says:

    Loving all those positives, especially the getting to know neighbours better, valuing low-paid members of society more and allowing nature to recover while we’re all in hibernation. Thanks for highlighting the good.


    1. A grey heron flew over the B&Q garden centre the other day!!


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