Black Ice

Time to get back to the gym yesterday, after a bit of a lay-off over Christmas.

Into the gym kit – leggings, T-shirt, hoody, trainers, heart-rate monitor – and off out for the 8am session.

The gym is just a short walk from the house.

The slush from the day before had frozen overnight. It was very icy. I was very careful.

I made it to the gym car park. I was so close. In fact I was in full view of the gym window…

My feet went out from under me and I landed, very gracefully, full length, flat on my back.

The trainer came out to gather me up. I was fine, truly.

In fact, I was all set to do the workout. Then one of my gym buddies said, ‘I don’t think you should be doing it.’ And I knew she was right. If it had happened to someone else, that’s absolutely what I would have said to them.

I’d hit my head. I had the hood of my hoody up, so that had cushioned the blow – but nevertheless, I’d hit my head. In fact, my head had bounced. Probably wise not to exercise. The trainer made me a cup of tea with extra sugar, and called the lovely Jules (she’s written guest blogs for me) who came down to make sure I was OK.

Because I was wearing my heart rate monitor, and I was so close to the gym when it happened, my stats had shown on the screen. My heart rate hit 80% of its maximum as I hit the ground – that’s the yellow column in the graph. Normally you have to be putting in a bit of effort to get to the yellow zone!

By the time I’d sat and drunk the tea, I realised my neck was hurting. Hopefully just a couple of pulled muscles, possibly whiplash. I’ve treated it as whiplash (Nurofen, ice, some gentle movement). I have a bruised elbow and a bruise on my hand where I must have hit it on the ground.

But the biggest injury was to my dignity.

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  1. Joan Mudd says:

    Ouch! There is a period of your life where you don’t really fall over much, say from about age 3 or so onwards, so it comes as such a shock when you do. Then you start thinking that you are going to become one of these lovey old ladies who spend their time pitching forward or backward without warning (or is that just me?) and spend all the time looking down in case there is any ice or some moss or a stray leaf etc. Maybe that’s just me too LOL! That graph is very telling. Take care and heal soon. XX


    1. I’ve got a lovely bruise on my elbow now!! Seriously can’t remember the last time I fell down!!


  2. SisterStay says:

    Aagh! Poor you. I can picture it all way too clearly. I’m glad someone was there to pick you up and look after you. These things always hurt much more after the event so I hope you are feeling much better very soon. x


    1. Everything went in to slow motion as my feet went from under me – just enough time to think ‘this is going to hurt’ before I hit the ground!

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