Man Cave to Covid Cafe?

It’s 18th May, and more Covid restrictions were lifted yesterday.

But from what I’ve been reading, the smart money is on staying cautious.

Yes, you can meet indoors – but you don’t have to. Stay outdoors if you can, or if you prefer.

Yes, you can hug – but you don’t have to. Stay two meters apart if you can, or if you prefer.

What an absolute nightmare. But – I want people to be able to come and visit me! Whatever the weather!

So, I’m think about adapting my garage into a sort of indoor/outdoor space. With the garage door open, it would be a well ventilated space that could be used as an alternative to the garden if I have people round and the weather isn’t good enough for sitting out.

It’s a decent sized garage, in what is actually the basement of the house. It’s what they call a ‘tandem’ garage, big enough for two cars parked end-to-end rather than side-to-side. And since my husband moved out, there’s very little in there – it used to be his man cave.

I’ve used it a couple of times already, but at the moment it just feels like we’re sitting at one end of a garage…

My idea is to move all the garage stuff into the back part, where it can be screened off. That would leave the front part empty, and ready to be transformed into a useable space.

Imagine garden chairs, bunting, one wall painted a funky colour, a basket for blankets, plants in pots, occasional tables dotted about, a heater, one of those all-weather mats on the floor. Maybe do something with the lighting – it’s a fluorescent tube at the moment. Any other ideas? You can see the ‘before’ – what else could I include in the ‘after’?

If I move the car off the drive, it could be quite pleasant looking out.

There’s water and power down there, so I can even make tea and coffee without having to come upstairs to the kitchen.

The floor is already painted (grey), and the walls are white, so painting one wall wouldn’t be expensive or time-consuming. I own a selection of deckchairs, a couple of small tables, a heater, blankets and a basket to put them in. I’d need to get paint, some potted plants, and a screen of some sort, and the bunting of course – but none of that needs to cost a lot of money.

The question is, is it worth the effort? Will we all just go back to normal without a second thought? Would the space be used, or will we just go back to sitting in the living room like we did before?

And bearing in mind that I’ll likely have to sell at some point, would changing the old man cave into a ‘Covid cafe’ add to the value and/or saleability of the house? Or would people coming to view it just think I was a bit mad?

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Joan says:

    I would not paint the wall/s, stick your car up the back, or on the street, erect a screen made from three 6 x 3 (or 4) foot trellis pieces hinged together to hide random detritus. Then a couple of artificial plants and maybe a similar trellis to cover the boiler. Bunting is a lovely idea. The whole thing is a lovely idea, not that I have been giving it much thought LOL! If you knew somebody who worked at a DIY store/Garden centre, that could be helpful XX

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooo, artificial plants – I hadn’t thought of that, but I had thought how the real plants that I was planning on using would cope with being in the dark most of the time!!! I’ll see if I can think of someone who might get staff discount at the local DIY shed…


  2. SisterStay says:

    I think it’s a grand idea!! Did you do it?? No need to paint walls but just turn it into a welcoming space for friends and neighbours. Maybe you can run a little neighbourhood cafe on your days off!! Lol How are your cake-making skills?


  3. I do a decent cupcake!!!


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