Getting There

The other day, I fancied a day out. As a volunteer for a well known heritage charity, I get free entry into all of our properties – great for someone on a budget. All I have to do is get there.

I fancied going to Quarry Bank – I see signs for it every time I drive to Manchester Airport, but I’ve never been.

I checked the website, made sure of the opening times and what was happening today. Scribbled down the postcode and checked the weather. It looked like it would be an OK day – certainly better than the rest of the week. I dressed appropriately, fed the cat, and headed for the door.

Then stopped.

And remembered that I don’t have a SatNav.

My old car, the one I sold (you can read about that here), had a built-in one. My new car doesn’t. Bugger. But no, it’s OK, I knew my lovely little mini didn’t have a SatNav when I bought it, and I decided that when the time came that I needed one, I would go and buy one. The time has come. There’s a Halfords nearby. I checked their website – yes! They have a standard SatNav at £69 (reduced from £99). That’ll do me. Hit ‘add to basket’, and I’ll pick it up on my way to Quarry Bank.

It’s not available for Click and Collect.

Never mind. Maybe they have it in store anyway. I visit the local Halford’s own website – but they only have it at full price. I’m not wanting to spend that much really. But look – there’s a store just eight miles away (and kind of in the direction I’ll be going), and it’s available there! Whoop! They even show the postcode… But I haven’t got a SatNav.

I go back to the Halford’s main page, just to see what other information I can get. Turns out, for this particular SatNav, you can’t do Click and Collect and they don’t deliver. Hmm. Tricky.

I’ll ring them. Lines open at 9:00.

It’s 8:56.

It’s going to be one of those days, isn’t it.

Another store pops up!! And I know where it is! And it’s only four miles away!! I can go there, pick up the SatNav, and be on my way. While I’m waiting for 9 o’clock, I’ll check their stock online – but that doesn’t seem to be an option for this store, for some reason.

Never mind, it’s 9 now. I’ll ring the Help desk – apparently, if an item shows as unavailable for Click and Collect, and unavailable for Delivery, it means it’s out of stock. I suggested that maybe just saying ‘Out of Stock’ might be simpler??

Still worth checking this other store. I ring them. No answer.

I ring them again. They finally pick up – I’m through to Bikes, which from the tone of voice of the man who answered, was pretty much entirely my fault. Even though I pressed ‘3 for cars’. He tells me they’re not answering downstairs, and puts me through. They don’t answer.

Could I get to Quarry Bank without a SatNav? Yes, probably – it’s signposted on the way to Manchester Airport, so I can simply follow signs for the airport then pick up the brown signs for Quarry Bank in due course. BUT – coming home is a different matter. I really don’t want to go wrong and end up wasting a load of time (and fuel) driving around Manchester by accident.

Now, good people of Blogland – I know you’re out there, and I know you’re shouting at the screen, ‘Just use your phone!!!’

It’s a fair point – the best explanation I can give is that I’m 58 – and I can remember when we used to use phones for making phone calls, and maps for finding out where to go. It’s a hard habit to break. But yes, in the end, I decided to see if I could download an app.

I downloaded the TomTom Go Mobile app. Go me!!

Of course, I couldn’t just download the app. That would have been too easy. Apparently there wasn’t enough space and I needed to delete some data.

I deleted some videos, and a boat load of photos. I emptied my in-tray. Still not enough space. My husband (despite the fact that he left back in February) is still my go-to person for tech-related issues, so I gave him a ring. He talked me through how to go into settings and see how much data I was using, and then delete apps that I don’t use and so on. Got rid of enough to enable the SatNav to load. Loading was successful.

But now it’s 11:30, it’ll take me at least an hour and a half to get there, so probably not worth going. I wanted to spend a full day there. Ah well, at least I’ve saved £69 on a SatNav!!

This is all a bit of a learning curve for me. I’m not particularly tech-savvy – and I didn’t need to be until three months ago, because my husband was. If I had a problem I just let him fix it. I wasn’t interested, and I was happy to just let him get on with it.

Silly me.

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. anglosvizzera says:

    Lol – I was one of those people wondering why you weren’t using your phone. There might even be an ‘app’ already installed on the phone that you could use, depending on which model it is.

    I downloaded a couple of navigation apps onto my phone and then found one already there, so my problem usually is ‘which app do I use today?’ Then, with some of them, you can choose the voice (like TomTom does) so we have an app called “Waze” that my daughter recommended, and currently use the “Boy Band” voice, which gets a bit annoying after a while. Another app has a female voice that pronounces “mile” as “myol” which also gets annoying…still, it helps us get from A-B at times.

    I try not to rely on these things too much, so recently on a shopping trip I popped into “The Works” and happened to see a small road atlas for a couple of quid and thought I’d get it and stick that in the passenger door of the car.

    Last week we went to visit my youngest daughter who’s at uni not far from us (to mend her crappy bedroom furniture before the agent goes to inspect the place before they move out), and on the way back the main A30 was closed at some point, with a diversion sign. Not knowing where the road re-opened, we relied on the diversion signs rather than our local knowledge. I got hubby to open the new road atlas to help navigate (as he’s hopeless trying to use a smart phone, and I was driving). However, as the map was quite a small scale, he was confidently directing me along one road, which turned out to be a different road altogether and we ended up about 15 miles out of our way! Luckily we quite like exploring the countryside and it was a pleasant, sunny evening…


    1. Sounds like a bit of a nightmare!!


  2. anglosvizzera says:

    Ah, left out an important point – one of the diversion signs was missing, it seems, which is why we ended up using the road atlas….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. oldhowie says:

    Halfords is notoriously bad for being out of stock when it has a good offer, but enjoyed your blog per usual sis


    1. Glad you liked it Bro.


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