Big girl pants on

It was a pretty shitty day yesterday.

As you know, I’m looking for work and I had an interview a few days ago (you can read about it here). As you also know, I’m looking for a lodger – and I’d found one (and you can read about that here).

What do you mean you didn’t know this? Where have you been??

So yesterday – I found out that I didn’t get the job (they’ll hold my details on file…). I ‘came over really well’ – but they still don’t want me.

And also yesterday – the lodger who was supposed to be moving in on Friday changed his mind. He reckoned he’d emailed me last Friday, but I never received it. Apparently he’s decided to buy a house, like you do.

I went from thinking that, with a fair wind, I’d be having money coming in from two sources – down to the lower end of bugger all, in the space of two hours

Right now I’m feeling a bit useless.

I’ve been working for money, one way or another, since 1975. Career #1 was in insurance. Career #2 was in teaching. Career #3 was Director of a limited company. In between I’ve done all sorts of things – cleaner, Avon lady, usherette at the Crucible theatre, sandwich maker at Greggs, GP receptionist, cupcake maker. I’ve worked on the tills at Morrisons, run an Art Gallery, and taught English as a foreign language.

I can touch type, teach a child to read, drive a car, do a VAT return, spell, knit, make butter, and speak French.

I have qualifications! I have certificates!

But my confidence has taken a beating – it’s 20 years since I graduated.


It’s 25 years since I graduated.

Everything I learnt is basically out of date. Even the way I learnt it is out of date. And I guess I’m still getting my head around the fact that I’m having to do any of this stuff at all – three months ago, the idea of having to find a lodger or get a job couldn’t have been further from my thoughts. I didn’t so much take my eye off the ball, as forget that there even was a ball.

In other news – I’ve got an interview on Friday morning. And a friend of a friend is in need of accommodation. There’s still hope.

So, big girl pants firmly hoisted, and off we go again.

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  1. anglosvizzera says:

    I don’t know how you feel about Airbnb?

    I’ve never been a host but we’ve been guests at many places around the country. I love it – it’s my first ‘go to’ when looking for accommodation now. Choosing a ‘guest’ can be based on their feedback from other hosts, so you can decide whether or not to offer someone the room rather than just have any old Tom, Dick or Harry/Harriet book it cold. It might be a source of income in the interim before finding a longer-term lodger?

    A friend of mine does host guests and has met many lovely people, some from abroad, who choose to stay at her place for a few days or a few weeks, depending on their reason for being in that area and whether they get on well. She’s out in the sticks a bit, but this doesn’t put people off. She is occasionally required to take them to and from the station on arrival or departure, but otherwise they find their own way around.

    Similarly, we’ve met some really lovely people at homes where we’ve stayed – much more interesting than the usual B&B scenario.

    As for the job-hunt, I do empathise. I stopped work when I went to uni as a ‘mature’ student (lol – as if that would ever happen!) then had children (4 of them.) After that I more or less had to start from scratch job-wise, which meant a rather meagre salary. Like you, I had lots of odds and sods on my CV but it turned out to be very useful when I was sent for an interview by an agency, as the job involved being very adaptable, which meant that many seemingly unrelated skills were transferable to the new job, which then evolved around me. Not that I ended up with much more money as it was a small business and they often have a pretty tight budget.

    But the NHS staff bank proved useful and due to my varied ‘skills’ it meant many jobs (in the admin area, as radiography was out of the question after so long) were available – plus I could choose my hours. The pay wasn’t that great there either but the minimum pay was better than some places offered (eg working in a supermarket, where I wouldn’t have earned enough to pay my rent.) However, once you’re in there, more jobs become available (only advertised internally) meaning that you can move up the Band scale and earn more.

    I hope things work out for you pretty soon – it’s no fun not having any money…


  2. Thank you so much for your suggestion. I’ve got another potential lodger lined up now (the friend of a friend), so we’ll see how that goes. We’re not in a particularly ‘holiday’ spot (although it’s perfectly pleasant here) so not sure if AirBnB would work in my setting. BUT – if all else fails!!

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    1. anglosvizzera says:

      People don’t just use Airbnb for holidays, sometimes for work, interviews or other reasons…you never know and have nothing to lose, I suppose!


      1. I hadn’t thought of that – just assumed it was used mainly by students on gap years!!!

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      2. anglosvizzera says:

        I suppose I’d thought that too until I was personally looking for accommodation on a tightish budget – so now we often use it when visiting family and friends for a couple of nights or so. That way we don’t impose much on the host family/person either!

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  3. Sarah says:

    Sorry to hear 2 potential streams of income have dried up. I hope more profitable streams are rushing your way.


    1. i know!! And within a couple of hours of each other too. I have another interview tomorrow, so all fingers firmly crossed.


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