Job #25

I like being busy. And for far too long I’ve not been busy enough.

That all changed on Wednesday. Since I woke up on Wednesday morning I’ve

  • Hoovered, dusted and mopped the attic (in case a potential new lodger wanted to come and have a look), hoovered, dusted and mopped the first floor and the ground floor (because they needed doing), cleaned the attic bathroom (see above) and cleaned the first floor bathroom (see above).
  • Done the weekly shopping.
  • Been in to the place I volunteer at, to double check that everything I need for Monday is where it should be (it wasn’t, but it’s sorted now).
  • Attended a Day Leaders’ meeting there from 1:30 – 3pm.
  • Met my potential new lodger for coffee at 4:45. He seems normal – this is all I want from a lodger.
  • Been to the gym at 6:45 (did I mention I’ve just recently achieved Gold status?)
  • Had a shower and got changed, and –
  • Popped down to our local Gallery for a preview evening – for someone on a tight budget this is a lovely chance to put on some lippy and enjoy a glass of wine with interesting people. One day I will be able to afford to buy artwork again.
  • Volunteered from 10:15 on Thursday. Normally I would finish between 4 and 4:30, but I was given special permission to bugger off early on account of starting the new job at 5pm. Got home, got changed, and got back out in time to get the train to get me to work on time.
  • Started my new job – Explainer at a large museum. This is my 25th job – always the new girl!! I worked the evening session until 10:30 – these sessions only happen four times a year, definitely a case of being thrown in the deep end!! Then home on the 23:11 train, getting through my front door just after half 11. And half dead. My feet were killing me – I had to peel my shoes off, and I genuinely don’t think I’ll ever be able to wear them again, the memory will be just too painful.
  • Decided not to try to go to bed straight away – sat and wound down in front of an episode of Downton Abbey. Then off to bed, ready to be –
  • Up at 6 on Friday, putting the finishing touches to the attic rooms ready for the new lodger who decided not to come and visit on Wednesday, but to come tonight instead.
  • Caught the 8 o’clock train to get me to the Museum for 9.
  • Spent the day helping to set up for the Science Festival – shifting tables, shifting chairs, shifting flags, shifting more tables, attaching lanyards to plastic pouches. Lots of lanyards, to lots of pouches. Getting soaked to the skin, then drying out. Then getting soaked to the skin again on the walk to the train.
  • Caught the train home, arriving just in time to go to Aldi to buy a pizza (it’s a Friday night, there are rules), have a shower (why does having a shower make you feel better after you’ve been soaked to the skin??), put my uniform to the wash and be all turned around in time for –
  • the lodger arriving. He seemed to like the place, watch this space.

Oh, and I’ve written this blog too!!

And today, and tomorrow, it happens all over again. Hopefully without the torrential rain, and with fewer tables needing to be shifted. And if I never see another lanyard it’ll be too soon…

My mood has varied from a feeling of yes, I can do this, this is my foot in the door, you’ve got to start somewhere – to thinking what the actual fuck am I doing here, with all these kids (and they are kids – some are only 16), surely to god I can get a job slightly higher up the ladder than this?!? And if my husband hadn’t left I wouldn’t have expected to find myself doing this in my wildest dreams.

But actually, it’s fine, it really is. It’s in the museum/heritage sector, which is where I want to be (I might be starting low, but at least I’m on the right ladder). Yes they’re all younger than me (that’s not difficult) but they’re vibrant and energetic and interesting and I feel energised by being with them.

I think I naturally err on the side of the positive. Absolutely no use whingeing.

The glass may be half empty – but there’s more in the bottle.

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Photo by from Pexels

10 Comments Add yours

  1. oldhowie says:

    Sis I think you run on Duracell’s !


    1. I seem to be running on cheese sandwiches!! I took some lunch with me (cheese sandwiches), but the Museum provided lunch for us (cheese sandwiches) so I had my original cheese sandwiches for tea! xx


  2. Christine Lockley says:

    Wow, I’m exhausted just reading your exploits. BTW we miss you on MSE and “small things”


    1. Hi Christine – great to hear from you!! I still pop on to MSE from time to time, but , well, life seems to have got a bit busy!!


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