Eight hours for fun

You’ll have heard the advert –

Lucky lucky lucky me

I’m a lucky son of a gun

I work 8 hours, I sleep 8 hours

That leaves 8 hours for fun

It’s wormed its way into my ear – although I can’t remember what it’s advertising.

In my case, I work 5 hours, I sleep 5 hours, that leaves 14 hours for fun…

And this is August Bank Holiday weekend. I was working yesterday, I’ll be working today (Saturday), and I’ll be working on Bank Holiday Monday. But in between times, I hope I’ll manage to have some fun.

So what do I do with my 14 hours? You know about some of the things I do.

There’s this blog, of course. I have a bit of a routine, which I wrote about in Bloggering About. I fit it around the other stuff I’m doing, and often write late at night or very early in the morning.

I go to the gym. You know about that. That’s 45 minutes every other day, plus walking/jogging there and back and having a shower afterwards. It takes just over an hour out of my day (I live very close to the gym!!)

On the days I don’t go to the gym, I like to go for a walk if the weather’s nice. There’s my regular walk along the Leeds Liverpool Canal. Or sometimes I might go further afield.

I garden – is that fun or necessity? Both, I guess. No harm in enjoying the things that have to get done. Once I’m out there (when the combination of weather and time off and nothing else needing to be done is just right), I crack on – cut the grass, trim the edges, train the clematis. I’ve decided to try to attract insects to the garden – so very little weeding. Yay!!

Of course, I used to volunteer one day a week at East Riddlesden Hall, but had to give it up when I got the job. I’ll be popping back from time to time if they’re short staffed and I happen to have a day off.

Then there are the things that don’t really come under the heading of ‘fun’ – although maybe doing them is better than not doing them?

I hoover and dust once a week, keep the bathroom clean – struggling to find any fun in that, but I do enjoy a nice clean house.

Twice a year I Spring Clean. No, that’s not odd. Why would you think that was odd?? I give the house a thorough clean around October/November, so it’s all shiny bright for Christmas, then again in about March or April ready for summer. It makes sense to me.

I cook. I quite enjoy cooking – I generally cook from scratch (cheaper, healthier, and there are worse ways to spend the time if there’s nowt on telly). I cook more than I need and freeze it for those times when I’m too tired/too busy or I’m working late.

I watch TV – not nearly as much as I used to. I’m getting very picky these days. I tend to record the things I want to watch and then watch them when it suits me. The times when I want to watch the telly, and the times when there’s something on that I want to watch, don’t seem to coincide at all!

Social media – I pop onto Facebook and Twitter from time to time during the day, and check the stats for this blog to see how things are going. I’m not glued to my phone – but there are times when I feel like I’m the only person who isn’t.

And there are a few things that I enjoy doing that I haven’t mentioned yet (quiet at the back).

I collect copies of Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management. Mrs B is certainly worthy of a blog post in her own right.

I research my family tree. Yes, there are skeletons.

There’s my cat, Molly. A softer moggy you couldn’t hope to meet.

I enjoy knitting. Trouble is, I don’t really like knitted things, so this hobby is doomed from the start. If anyone would like me to knit something for them…

And actually, sometimes, just sometimes, I might want to do nothing at all. I really am rubbish at doing nothing – but maybe it’s just lack of practice.

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. gosforthgirl says:

    Wow…your days are truly filled and I am impressed with your stamina

    As I’m a charity ship affucianado, if I find Mrs Beeton perchance shall I get it? Any particular editions?

    Could I introduce you to knitting socks with self patterning wool which looks like Fair Isle? Quite addictive but HM socks make great presents and would be fab for your walks…..!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG yes!! I have (currently) 42 out of a possible 60 editions. Which is a bit crazy. But they are all slightly different, honest!! Don’t go spending any money – just let me know the date of it so I can check if it’s one I already have. Thank you so much!!


  3. gosforthgirl says:

    Of course I will! My favourite CS knows me by name and would put them aside for me.

    I’ll never make ‘ Crimewatch’!

    Have you got a current search saved in Ebay?


    1. Yes I do!! Due to having to watch my spending over the last 6 months, I haven’t been looking – there’s no point in tormenting myself!! Now, what with having two jobs and a lodger, I can relax a bit – but I haven’t actually been paid anything for any of them yet…

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Joan Mudd says:

    That song is definitely and ear worm. I used to sing – I work 10 hours, commute 3 hours, sleep 6 hours leaving me 5 hours for eating, shopping and housework – but it didn’t scan that well LOL! #retirednow

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s brilliant!! I’m still ‘on the books’ at the Media Museum, so will be working there on Tuesday, which happens to be a day off. Then I’m at ERH on Friday (which is my other day off next week) for a meeting with the Conservator and some conservation training… I’m trying to spend half an hour in the garden, just sitting and perchance drinking tea and reading a book, but I keep thinking of things I need to do. Must try harder! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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