It’s Strictly Season

A season of glitz and bloody-hard-work-fulness.

Strictly Come Dancing.

It’s started. I love it.

I know nothing about dance. Nothing at all. But total ignorance isn’t going to stop me having an opinion on it. Here goes (in no particular order) –

Anneka Rice – yes, I remember Challenge Anneka. But oh dear, not an ounce of rhythm. Really surprised, as she’s so physical.

James Cracknell – again, oh dear. So serious. Interesting that he didn’t make a single mistake – but so, so serious. He’s an athlete, he can be coached. I predict much improvement.

Dev Griffin – looked just lovely. And also looked like he was actually leading the dance, which as they always tell us, is hard for the male celebs.

Alex Scott – feel guilty for not recognising her (my step-daughter was a football coach, I should know this stuff). But wasn’t she fab – lovely dancing. She’s up there with the best.

Kelvin Fletcher – I don’t watch Emmerdale, so didn’t know anything about him. But wow. Just wow.

Will Bayley – hadn’t heard of him. Wow, wow, wow.

Michelle Visage – I’ve never watched RuPaul’s Drag Race, so I hadn’t come across her – but us ladies of a certain age have to stick together. Go gurl.

Emma Weymouth – loved her to bits. Not bad at all – and determined to get it right.

Karim Zeroual – hadn’t heard of him (CBBC? It’s been a while… ) Phenomenal.

Mike Bushell – have always liked his sports reporting, and particularly his ‘have a go’ pieces, so not surprised that he’s good at this.

Catherine Tyldesley – nope, didn’t know her (I don’t watch Corrie either). The judges really liked her, but I thought she was a bit insipid. Sorry.

Saffron Barker – so energetic. Fun. Looking to see how far she can go.

Emma Barton – nope, I don’t watch Eastenders either, so I’ve no idea who she is. Fabulous dancing.

Chris Ramsey – not seen any of his comedy. He looks far too much like that bloke off of Countryfile. A way to go…

David James – so tall!! Lovely – soft knees.

Those are my first impressions.

My pick for final top three (in no particular order…) – Karim, Kelvin, Alex. Oh, and Emma Barton.

And my pick for first to be voted off – I think it has to be either Anneka Rice or Chris Ramsey.

Am I right??

And in the meantime – Keeeeep Dancing!!

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. oldhowie says:

    I was surprised at Kevin Fletcher he works out a lot building muscle but he was so flexible.


  2. Joan Mudd says:

    I required eye bleach after watching James Cracknell. Let’s hope he listens and takes the advice. I am not optimistic. Alex Scott was vastly under-marked which is the downside of going first and as for Kelvin … well my, my, my. He fizzled my FitBit LOL! First to go? Anneka Rice or James Cracknell.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fizzled my FitBit. Haha!! I felt really sorry for Cracknell – fish out of water sprang to mind.

      Liked by 1 person

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