Not-so-Smart Meter

I had a smart meter, which stopped working when I switched energy suppliers. I’d had it for about 6 weeks but then it stopped working. I liked it – I liked being able to see how much energy I was using, and I got a warm glow when I could see the usage drop after I switched something off.

That was in March.

Basically, for a variety of reasons, I changed energy suppliers almost immediately after having the smart meter fitted. Despite both the old supplier and the new supplier assuring me that my smart meter would continue to work, my smart meter stopped working.

Since then, I’ve not had one. My energy supplier can’t resolve the issue. That was March, this is September.

I get a text from them from time to time, assuring me that they’re working on it.

And about a month ago I got an email telling me that the issue was resolved. I couldn’t have a smart meter and would simply have to continue to give them my meter readings, and they would give me £40 for the inconvenience. No, I didn’t think so either.

I emailed them back, and said my complaint wasn’t resolved, that in fact we were no further forward than we were back in March (I didn’t have a working Smart Meter then, and I don’t have one now). And that £40 was nowhere near the amount I would be looking for.

The person I deal with is really nice (she’s the one who reduced my bill when the computer said no) – but our conversations just go round and round in the same circle. Apparently my previous supplier hadn’t completed the paperwork when I switched – and I guess once I’d switched there was no incentive for them to do it. So, it hasn’t been recorded that I have a smart meter. So even though everyone is in agreement that I have a smart meter, everything is just stuck. Or something like that. There’s also a query, due to the mix up over the meters, over how much energy I’ve actually used, which isn’t helping.

It’s bloody ridiculous. What irritates me more than anything is that we’re all supposed to be getting one, it’s supposed to be a Good Thing. My supplier’s own website tells me smart meters are the way to go –

Smart meters make it a lot easier to monitor your energy as you’re using it. This gives you the knowledge to make changes in your schedule where you could potentially use less energy, cut costs and become more energy efficient. Smart meters also give you

  • Control – see exactly how much you’re spending
  • Accuracy – only pay for the energy you use
  • Convenience – automatic readings – no more hassle, no more home visits.

I want the knowledge to make changes to cut costs. I want to see exactly how much I’m spending. I do indeed only want to pay for the energy I use. And yes, automatic readings would be nice.

I rang them yesterday afternoon.

I asked for their advice as to whether they think I would have the same trouble if I gave up on them and switched to a different supplier…

It’s now been escalated, apparently. Jolly good. They’re going to ‘try to see if they can get an engineer out to recommission it’. I hope they try very hard.

This isn’t a criticism of the people I’ve been dealing with – they have been nothing but pleasant and professional, and they’re as frustrated by the situation as I am. And me being a dick towards them isn’t going to help anything.

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  1. Joan Mudd says:

    I will not have one of these infernal devices until forced to do so. I don’t know anybody personally who has one where it has all gone tickety boo. I reckon that they are just a job creation scheme and in terms of saving money, as per the Maxine Peake advert … how? I am totally aware of how much energy I use. After all, I live in the property in question, cook the meals, control the heating, do the washing etc. They are just a con, so how does having one save me money? Turning something off saves me money. I reckon I can do that of my own volition. Rant over LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I liked seeing how much I was using, and seeing how much I saved by turning things off. Also – I just want them to do what they said they’d do!!


    2. Sarah says:

      I agree, I’m going to hold out for as long as possible.

      What a wasteful thing to do replace a meter that doesn’t have anything wrong with it. What do the companies do with the redundant meters?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s a good question!! I’ll ask them next time I speak to them.


  2. oldhowie says:

    I have one I changed companies mine doesn’t work anymore

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Was it a 1st generation one, or a 2nd generation one? 1st generation meters did indeed stop working when you switched suppliers – but 2nd generation (which mine is) should continue to work.


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