Autumn Days

When I was at sea with my first husband, I missed the British seasons. Tropical sunshine is all very well… It was autumn that I missed the most. The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

Autumn days when the grass is jewelled and there’s silk inside a chestnut shell.

With the nights drawing in, and the heating on, autumn is definitely here. There’s something pleasant about coming in out of the cold and getting snuggled up by the fire.

And besides, if it wasn’t for the weather what would we Brits talk about?

I always have a bit of a moment, just as the seasons change, when I feel sorrow for the end of the summer. But then it passes, and I’m looking forward to pumpkin spiced latte and Christmas shopping.

But first things first – I have my Spring Cleaning to do.

What? Doesn’t everyone do their Spring Cleaning in October??

I like to bottom the house out twice a year. In the summer I’m busy in the garden, but by October that’s over and I can turn my attention to the house. I take a room at a time, and I clean it, literally from top to bottom.

I started with the living room – washed the nets, cleaned the windows, dusted the top of the curtain rail, pulled all the furniture out, even hoovered the coals in the gas fire.

Yesterday I hit the dining room – more nets, more windows, and I emptied everything out of the dresser and the sideboard and gave the insides a dust. Decided to chuck/sell some stuff that never gets used from one year’s end to the next. I’ve made a small pile of it all, and I’ll offer it to the-husband-who-left before I do anything else with it – it seems only fair.

I find it very therapeutic. I’m not a big fan of housework in general, but I enjoy a good clear out. I’ll work my way through the house room by room – living room, dining room, kitchen, hall/stairs/landing, bedroom, office, utility, garage.

It’s a good enough way to spend a wet day – and it’s forecast to be wet here for the whole of the next week!

It culminates in attacking the attic cupboard, which gathers ‘stuff’ all through the year. I’ll pull everything out, including the Christmas decorations that are right at the back, then I’ll put everything back in again (but neater, and without the Christmas stuff) so it’s easier to put the decorations away again after.

And I’ve just now, this minute, realised that I was on my own for the whole summer! He left in February, when it was still winter. I’ve had spring and summer without him, and now it’s autumn. And it’s been OK. It’s been more than OK – it’s been absolutely fine. In fact, I’ve had a bit of a blast.

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  1. LittleDreams says:

    I do enjoy the usual autumn sights of the colours of the leaves etc but I’m a little weird in that I also enjoy autumn walks in the rain! In winter it’s too cold and often windy with the rain. But in autumn it’s not usually as cold so I can venture out in my waterproofs and enjoy my rainy walks!! Managed to have a lovely walk yesterday. Then stopped at a cafe and enjoyed a hot coffee whilst watching the world go by. Bliss! I must add that 100% waterproof boots and coat are essential to this scenario. However, I don’t enjoy putting my heating on for the first time, such a shame for the impact on the bills!
    Well done you for having come through the last few months. You might find that a bonus is your bills will come down in the winter as there’s one less user, or that might be the case already?
    Best wishes xxxx

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    1. I like walking in the rain too – but I can’t do it without humming the Pina Colada song (I like PIna Colada, and getting caught in the rain…). Mmm, hot chocolate…
      Heating bills are a nuisance – it costs as much to heat the house for one as it does for two, or possibly more as you tend to feel chillier on your own (no-one to snuggle up with). Also, I have a lodger and I don’t want him to feel chilly so the heating had to go on a bit sooner than it might have otherwise.


  2. anglosvizzera says:

    My husband keeps insisting it is still ‘late summer’…not sure why, although now that all that wonderful sunshine we had a couple of weeks ago has gone (plus the fact that leaves are actually falling from the trees in the garden) he might be convinced that autumn has finally arrived.

    Luckily we ‘southerners’ living in a fairly new-ish house haven’t yet had to put the heating on…just keep adding a few more layers before we get to that stage. But I have contacted the gasman to come and do the annual service, just so that we don’t have any nasty surprises once we do fire up the boiler. Sadly in these modern properties, we have no fireplace although I suppose we could install a wood-burner…but then again I suppose we might fall foul of spewing even more CO2 and other nasties into the atmosphere. Who knows what is best these days? We don’t intend to fork out thousands for solar panels even though our roof is ideally situated – I’m not sure we’d live long enough to break even!

    There will be a lot of leaves to pick up in the next few weeks and my lovely neighbour has loaned us a leaf-vacuum thingy to suck them up, as she’s a bit too old to use it any more – so we’ll do hers too, of course. Before that it was quite a chore to keep on top of them all, waiting for the right weather on top of that.

    Like you, I do tend to spend a lot of time outside in the summer and hate having to put socks and ‘proper’ shoes back on again. But I do love the excuse to sit inside and practise my new hobby, spinning – the wool type not the gym type. And we also start doing jigsaw puzzles – there will be one on the kitchen table soon and anyone visiting is welcome to join in. It was something my first boyfriend and I (and his mum, siblings, friends etc) used to do at his house – very relaxing and probably stimulates some part of the brain too, I suppose.

    One of my daughters gave me some kind of Japanese miniature cherry tree for Mother’s Day that is said to be magnificent in the autumn – it’s still green at the moment, so I’m waiting patiently…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, ‘putting the socks on’ – that, and hunting out the gloves. There should be a national putting the socks back on day!! Hope you cherry tree delivers magnificence before too long. Don’t know if you can post photos with your comments on here – but I’d love to see it!!


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