Making the most of it

The weather outside was frightful. Well, the day before yesterday it was – the rain was horizontal, blowing past the staff room window when I had my break in the afternoon. Truly foul. No redeeming features whatsoever.

Yesterday was a day off – and it was dry and bright. A beautiful winter’s day. You can’t complain about the bad weather if you don’t make the most of the good weather when you have the chance!!

There were things to do, of course. A day off is never just a day off – there was washing to do, the last of the decorations to put up, I wanted to make an upside-down cake to use up some apples that were past their best. That took up the morning.

I grabbed some lunch – and then I went for a walk. I don’t do it as often as I’d like. The last time I did was back in July!

This time I headed in a totally different direction – down to the canal, across the bridge and up the hill to the St Ives Estate. The road up the hill is known locally as The Twines – which is nearly as good a name as the Curly Kews in Morpeth.

It was getting on for 2 o’clock when I left the house, so I reckoned an hour out and an hour back would be all I could manage before the light went.

I walked up through the Estate, past the best adventure playground ever (scene of many grandma/granddaughter exploits), past the café – and on to Coppice Pond.

There were hundreds of birds on the pond – and lots of disappointed quacking when they realised I wasn’t going to feed them. In amongst the usual mallards and black-headed gulls, I spotted quite a few goosanders, a moorhen or two, some teenage swans and possibly a tufted duck. Marvellous. I really should get myself up there more often

Oh, and squirrels!! I thought squirrels were supposed to be hibernating at this time of year!! Well, not these ones. They were out and about in force – I saw three together, chasing each other through the trees!!

I walked all the way around the pond, and by then the light was starting to fade so I started to head back. I would have stopped at the café for a coffee if I’d had any money on me – but I hadn’t, quite deliberately. Ha!! I know myself pretty well these days…

Back to the main road, and down the hill back into town, over the bridge, along the canal and home. I’d started out all muffled up – hiking boots and big socks, fleece, waterproof, scarf, woolly hat, gloves. By the time I got back home the gloves were in my pocket, the scarf and hat were off and the jackets were unzipped.

According to the forecast, we should have had rain – we didn’t. I’d managed to get four loads of washing hung outside, and by the time I got back from my walk it was almost-but-not-quite-dry, which is pretty good going for this time of the year.

And according to the forecast we’re supposed to have rain again today – we’ll see. If we do, I’ll feel able to complain about it – because I certainly made the most of it yesterday.

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Photo by Aidan Jarrett from Pexels

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