So That was Christmas

The first Christmas since my husband left. I wondered how I’d feel about it all, and it turns out it was OK. But still, I’m pleased it’s over with. I really didn’t know how I’d feel about Christmas without him. He’d never particularly enjoyed Christmas himself.

I spent it with my parents. They’d booked us in to a nice hotel in Derbyshire, and everything was just lovely. Very quiet – maybe quieter than I’d have liked – but very pleasant. We were there Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. A continuous round of food, more food, and a bit more food – but beautifully presented and beautifully served.

It was their Christmas gift to me – mixed feelings about this, as it was lovely – but I have a rough idea of how much it all cost, and I know what I could have done with the money. But – their money, their choice. And it was very nice to not have to do anything for three days. I don’t want to sound unappreciative.

I was back at work yesterday at 7am – had to be up at 4:30 and in the car by 4:45 for the two hour journey back home. I drove straight to work, arriving at 6:45. There was thick fog over the moors, and I began to wonder if I might end up being late – but it cleared and all was good.

Work was fairly quiet to begin with, as you can imagine – but started to get busy by about 9am. I designed a utility room at 10, and both my colleagues had appointments in the afternoon – this is the beginning of our peak season.

I finished work at 12 and drove round to Aldi in the hope of finding some cut-price stollen (I haven’t eaten nearly enough stollen this year!!) – all gone. Sad face. Then I headed home for lunch and a much-needed snooze on the sofa. I like sofa snoozing.

A bit of unpacking, then I was off to the gym at 5:30. This is the calm before the storm – once we hit New Year it will be standing room only! Some people don’t stay long – but others stick with it and never look back. If you’re even vaguely thinking of taking up some sort of physical activity in the New Year, all I can say is – just do it. In fact, why wait for New Year?? Just do it now.

Quick shower after the gym, then I ordered a takeaway and walked up in to town to collect it. I have a takeaway once a month – takeaway portions are huge, so I eat half and freeze half – I’ll have the other half next month.

So, a pleasant Christmas – and a quiet acceptance of the situation. And, more important, the knowledge that the first one is over with. I need to think hard about what I want to do for Christmas next year.

I hope yours was a good one.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. LittleDreams says:

    Well done for surviving a big “first”. The firsts are always tricky. But you got through it and managed to go to the gym as well- a victory in anybody’s book! Xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, I survived!! Need to start planning next year’s Christmas now!! Onwards and upwards!! xx


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