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    1. I spent ages trying to decide what to write, then I asked myself ‘What do you really want to say?’ – and this is what came out!!!

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  1. Joan Mudd says:

    Not funny but LOL! I admire your spirit. XX

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  2. anglosvizzera says:

    It’s my birthday so Valentine’s Day is not significant anyway!! Just means it’s a pain in the arse to try and book anywhere to go out for a quiet dinner…

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    1. Oh, crickey – not easy!!

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  3. Sue-Anne says:

    I have to say I would have preferred a photo of you with your feet up and a glass of wine in your hand. You probably never would have started this fabulous blog site which speaks to so many if Bugalugs hadn’t left so I say think of all the good that’s come out of it. Commercial Valentine’s is just a Hallmark invention anyway!


    1. Maybe next year…


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