Whose Job is it Anyway?

I’ve decided to get a cleaner.

I used to have one – she came for two hours every week, and hoovered, dusted, and cleaned the bathroom.

When my husband left, I had to let her go. This frustrated me – a lovely woman, very good at her job, and she had to lose 2 hours’ pay a week just because he’d decided to leave.

A year later, and I have a much better idea of how things are going to work out financially.

Also, I’m really busy – my hours in my new job have been increased from 25 to 30 and I’m doing overtime on top of that, I’m still running the business with my husband, I have a lodger now, I write this blog, I go to the gym every other day, and I still volunteer with the National Trust when I have a moment.

I like a nice clean house – but I can always find something more pressing to do than to actually hoover and dust it. And now that I have a lodger, I can’t just keep putting it off (which might be something that occasionally used to happen sometimes).

Don’t get me wrong – I keep it clean. But there are other things that need doing too. And besides, I miss our chats over a coffee.

So, I’ve contacted her again, and she can come for a couple of hours every other Wednesday.


It doesn’t mean I’ll be doing no housework at all. It will still be me that does the washing, and the ironing, and the cooking and the gardening. I will still wash the car and do the DIY and clean the oven and defrost the freezer. It will still be me that fills the dishwasher and empties it again. If the drains need unblocking – that’s me. If the garage floor needs painting (which it does) – me again.

And yet I know that there will be a reaction to the fact that I have a cleaner. That somehow I should be doing my own hoovering. I should be doing my own dusting. I should be cleaning my own bathroom. That doing this stuff is part of the deal if you happen to be a woman and that not doing it is just laziness.

Hah!! Lazy?? Seriously??

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15 Comments Add yours

  1. Joan Mudd says:

    Good woman!

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  2. She’ll be starting next Wednesday – so now I’m wondering if I can get away with leaving it until then…


  3. Sarah says:

    Sounds like a good idea to me.

    You’re concentrating your efforts on the immediate – laundry, washing up etc and the occasional jobs – washing the car, DIY etc the cleaner will be doing the regular jobs, freeing you up to earn a living, having a life, keeping healthy, volunteering and offering someone a home. Also, you are allowing someone else to earn some money, so they can also live their life 🙂

    Most critics will just be jealous for whatever reason, possibly they can’t afford it, or they didn’t think of it, or don’t think they are worth it.

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    1. It’s taken me a year to feel that financially I can justify it. But now I feel the time is better spent doing something else, even if it’s just relaxing!!!


  4. gosforthgirl says:

    Hi..think you meant Whose job..not who`s…!

    I agree with Sarah and maybe the important part is not to worry too much as to what other people think. My life has changed dramatically in the last six months ad will now be looking after my baby granddaughter 3- 4 days a week really leaving very little spare time.

    I started having a cleaner following a new replacement but didnt give her up when I recovered and now also release me to look after my granddaughter.

    Like you I also have `guests` staying to help with the costs.

    it`s horses for courses`- whatever works for you just go for it.

    You`re doing so well.


    1. OMG you’re right – and I’m normally the one who spots these things (changed it now). Hope your new replacement went well (sorry, couldn’t resist!!!). I started using a cleaner the first time when I had a bad hip – going to the gym regularly helped with the hip, but somehow I never got around to cancelling the cleaner… Until I had to, of course. xxx


  5. jmarie1974 says:

    Great idea! I would love to not spend time doing the housework 😃


    1. Well basically – if I spend my money on a cleaner, I can’t spend it on something else. But fear not – there’ll still be plenty of housework to be done, she’s only hoovering and dusting and cleaning the bathroom!! xx

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  6. SisterStay says:

    No need to feel guilty. I’m amazed you have time to fit in all that you do and I love that you are using your old cleaner. Win-win.


    1. She was quite pleased too!!

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