We’re not laughing any more

Only a couple of days ago, we could laugh about it – oh, it’s only like having the flu, I’m stockpiling books and chocolate…

I’ve gone from thinking, ‘It can’t happen to me…’ to thinking, ‘If it happens to me…’ to thinking, ‘When it happens to me…’ in a matter of days.

There have been 21 deaths in the UK – and even more worryingly, 10 of those happened in one day, yesterday. Spain is on lockdown for 15 days. Jet2 has cancelled all flights to Spain and the Balearic islands – in fact some flights were turned back in mid-air. The US ban on flights from Europe has been extended to include the UK and Ireland.

I’m very concerned that the UK is out of step with the rest of Europe (although – why should that surprise me?) Which approach will be best in the long run? Who knows. In the meantime, I have to admit to feeling somewhat helpless.

I rang my parents yesterday, just to check on them. I speak to them every week anyway, but I thought I should just check that they were coping with it all. My father pointed out that they’d lived through the war and therefore would be fine. I’m not sure that living through the Second World War actually confers immunity to Covid-19 – but at least they’re not panicking.

What am I doing? Well, I’m still going to work, but I’m no longer shaking hands with clients. I wash my hands when I get to work, at the start of my breaks, and again when I get home. We’ve started disinfecting the phones, mouses etc, and we have hand sanitizer on the desk.

I went to the supermarket a couple of days ago, so I’ve got plenty in for a few days. Going forward I think I might do the shopping early in the morning, so as to avoid people as far as possible. When I was there on Friday there was a woman blowing her nose, and she really didn’t look well. Under normal circumstances I probably wouldn’t have noticed her at all, but these are not normal circumstances – I discreetly turned and went the other way so as to avoid passing too close to her.

It’s natural to think, ‘If I need to self-isolate and I’m not going to be able to go out for two weeks, what will I need?’ Maybe I should buy a bit more bread and put it in the freezer. Or I should buy a bigger than normal bag of potatoes. Or dare I say pasta. Some tins. When does buying a sensible amount of extra food ‘just in case’ turn into stockpiling?

I haven’t been to the gym for 4 days. I think I may just give it a miss for a while.

And I’m only going out at all if I need to.

On a slightly brighter note – we’re all washing our hands like billy-o, and everything is being washed and disinfected, and we’re avoiding close contact with each other as much as possible. Won’t that mean that we’re not only reducing the risk of contracting Covid-19, we’re also reducing the risk of contracting the other forms of corona virus that we’re all familiar with – the common cold and seasonal flu? And likely other diseases too?

When this is all over and we look back, it’ll be interesting to see if we have actually all been less prone to these illnesses over this period.

The big questions are now –

How long will these measures last?


Will they work?

And I think the answer to both of those questions has to be – we don’t know, and we don’t know.

But it only stands a chance of working if we all do it. Do what you gotta do to stay safe and well lovely people. And call someone, anyone, just to see if they’re OK.

If you’re in the UK you can check out the number of confirmed cases in your area here –


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  1. Joan Mudd says:

    Well, speaking as someone who is currently locked down in Mallorca, I can say that the situation is fairly calm. There has been some panic buying but there are a lot of Brits here so they may have started the trend. We are allowed out to go buy food, go to the chemist or walk the dog. Apart from that we have to stay put. We are on Jet2 who, as you have rightly said, have cancelled all their flights. They have told us that our flight will leave as normal on Friday. Time will tell. I am more worried about coming home where they don’t seem to be taking this seriously and it is rainy and cold as well. (picture an eye rolling emoji)


    1. Let me know if you’d like me to buy supplies for you – I work in retail so I’m probably stuffed anyway, least I can do is make sure you don’t need to go out if you don’t want to. xx


      1. Joan Mudd says:

        Thanks Shelagh. We have got stuff in the freezer and the Sainsburys local is next door but one. We have got some food here today (16 March) from the local Hipermart in Puerto Pollensa so it’s all systems go!

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  2. oldhowie says:

    Well if they quarantine over 70s then as all my student are in that group….I’m #*%$ed


    1. You are, aren’t you. Could you do it by Skype???


      1. oldhowie says:

        Yep starting to set up a web based system for them now x

        Liked by 1 person

    2. oldhowie says:

      5 student cancellations tonight,


  3. Mimsy says:

    Feel like everyone has forgotten that bread can be made from scratch! Buy the ingredients. (Couldn’t resist a bit of humor.) I’m in the middle of the USA and we’ve got about 40 cases in our state last count. It’s frikkin’ everywhere and I’m scared too. And now they say those who have it can transmit the virus well before they are showing symptoms. We really are scr#}{*ed!


    1. You’re absolutely right, of course – provided you have flour and yeast in your kitchen cupboards. I think everyone is starting to understand the seriousness of it now. We have to keep a sense of proportion though. If there were 40 cases of flu in your state – you wouldn’t even notice!! I totally agree that we have to do our best to stop it spreading though. For the vast majority of people it will be an illness that they recover from. The emphasis should now be on preventing older people and those with other health issues from contracting it.


  4. Sammy says:

    Talking from an ‘Aussie’ point of view we are also on lockdown and in panic mode. All flights in to Australia as of 9pm WST last night have to now self isolate for 14 days, regardless of where you have been. Things like toilet roll, cleaning products, hand sanitizer, mince, pasta, rice are a rare find and are a limited item now.
    I’m beginning to worry. I will be birthing our baby in to the middle of a pandemic and cannot get stuff to safeguard us (remember how much sanitizer we used when Greyson was born… pre covid). At the moment it’s looking like hospitals will not be allowing visitors, which I agree with… but that includes my 21 month old son whom I’ve spent one night away from in his life. I worry about being in hospital, the impact this is having on our medical supplies and system, the poor doctors and nurses and how they are coping. I worry about the fact I work in childcare and Greyson attends… but then if I stop work now I worry about our finances as in 3 weeks we will be on one wage anyway. Stu catches public transport to work… parking isn’t an option. Anyway- they are the ramblings of a tired, emotion pregnant woman.
    BUT. We have our health. I am very fortunate that my family is fit and healthy and should we face this we will Most probably be ok (I do worry about our tiny newborn when they come). But it’s the wider community. My elderly neighbour whom I now check in on daily and will get her shopping. The severe asthmatics around us. The people who are already sick. I worry for the ignorant people who are under the impression that they are above the rules because they will be fine- not remotely considering the wide community.
    2 months ago we had devastating bush fires and saw the absolute best in our community as we rallied together and supported one another. Sadly now we are seeing the worst where people are thinking about only themselves. My hope is that the we can educate and empower the communities around us to go back to supporting ‘thy neighbour.

    Wow- didn’t expect to go on such a rant at 6am… Stay safe, stay rational, stay human xxx


    1. Stay safe, stay rational, stay human. Love that – I’ve been wondering what to have as a tattoo…
      This stockpiling is ridiculous. Honestly, if you’re using more than one or two toilet rolls a week, you’re doing it wrong.
      I think as a tired and emotional pregnant woman you are perfectly entitled to as much ranting and rambling as you need. I’m sending virtual hugs – shame I can’t send virtual loo roll. xxx


    2. Joan Mudd says:

      Sammy we love you. Rant away XXX


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