Signs of Spring

Many things are very different now – but some things can’t be changed by any pesky virus.

I like this time of the year – the signs of Spring are now unmistakable. You can feel the world around us starting to limber up.

My daffodils are coming through, the clematis is in full swing.

I was a bit worried about the clematis – it had just started flowering when we had that first fall of snow. Silly clematis. But it survived and it’s looking fab.

It’s no longer dark when I get up for a 7am start. That makes such a difference!! Although I secretly enjoy leaving the house at 6.30 when it’s dark and the stars are out and everything is peaceful. Shh – don’t tell the people I work with, they’ll think I’m completely nuts.

What do you mean they read this blog and it’s too late??

The birds are twittering. I can hear them all around, although the little blighters never come into the garden. There’s a huge tree across the road, and trees and bushes in the gardens either side of me, and they seem to be full of birds. I don’t want to talk about it.

It’s still cold here – although as winters go it hasn’t been as cold as it should have been, and we’ve only had two days of real snow. There was a bit of a flurry of something wintery just last Sunday.

But you can feel the change in the air. The shoulders aren’t so hunched.

My grass was in desperate need of a cut – with the winter being so mild, it’s continued to grow a bit, although it’s been too wet to do any cutting. I managed to get it cut one day last week – what would normally take about an hour took me two and a half hours! Since then I’ve managed to scarify about half of it, with more to do the next time I have the time.

I also need to trim the edges. My father, wise in the ways of gardens, told me many years ago that if I was short of time when it came to gardening I should concentrate on trimming the edges of the lawn. If they look neat, the whole garden will look neat and no-one will notice the weeds. It’s true!

There’s promise in the air – I’m beginning to think that yes, sitting out in the garden is a not-too-distant possibility. It might be the nearest thing to a holiday that any of us have this year.

Stay safe. Stay sane. It isn’t forever. We can do this.

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. SisterStay says:

    I love your blog. It isn’t forever and we can do this. Leaving for work in the dark effectively means you can do anything! And it’s sure to get easier as the weather warms up. Spring is such a pick-me-up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! The forecast for the weekend looks really pleasant – time for some serious gardening I think!!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Joan Mudd says:

    Birds in the garden and cats in the garden do not good bedfellows make. I am missing all the daffys as they are not traditional Mallorcan flowers. My pelargonium (geranim) on the balcony is starting to bloom though, so there are signs of spring here too. It’s my favorite season.We can definitely do this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would agree – but the people next door have a cat, two dogs and two teenagers. And the people behind us have a cat and a small boy. AND THEY ALL GET FURKLING BIRDS IN THEIR GARDENS. Sorry you’re missing Spring here – we certainly won’t be forgetting 2020 in a hurry!! xx

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Joan Mudd says:

    And I was going to blame it all on Beetroot too LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. gosforthgirl says:

    Just to add to the `bird` problem. I bought a very expensive bird feeder in early March before CV reared its ugly head.

    So where are they. They have deluxe food , squirrel proof feeders and everything to enchant them.

    Not good enough!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re all in my neighbour’s garden…


    2. SisterStay says:

      They’re toying with you. You’ll have to do what my son does and play the appropriate bird calls to lure them in!!


      1. Ooo, now there’s a thought. I do a fair impersonation of a parrot myself – I could try that!!


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