What is Normal Anyway?

When did I last hug someone? When did I last shake hands with someone? When did I last even bump into someone accidentally?

When did I last go to a pub with friends? Or out for a meal?

When did I last have someone round for a coffee? Or meet someone for a coffee?

When did I last go to the cinema? No! I know this one – it was to see the Downton Abbey movie, which was a bit disappointing. The time before that was Bohemian Rhapsody, which was phenomenal.

When did I last have my hair cut? Actually, I know the answer to that too – it was 12th March. Nearly 3 months ago.

When did I last wander around the shops? To be fair, I rarely wandered around the shops. But it was nice to know that the shops were there to be wandered around.

When did I last have a day out? When did I last pop in to ‘my’ National Trust property?

My life has shrunk right down – it’s now just the house, Aldi, the petrol station and work. And I only go to the petrol station once a month, because all I’m doing is driving to work (four miles each way) and Aldi (less than half a mile).

But things are starting to change.

The roads are getting busier. I did my first kitchen design yesterday. My lodger is back to work ‘at work’ now, after weeks and weeks of working from home.

Is it too soon? Should we be getting back to normal quite yet? Will there be another peak?

Or are we over-reacting – after all, we’ve always had infectious diseases to contend with. Why are we making such a song and dance about this one? People didn’t stay 2 metres apart and wear PPE in the days when TB, polio, mumps, measles, German measles, cholera or typhoid were around. They just shrugged their shoulders and accepted that they might get ill and that if they got ill they might die. And then they got on with their life.

People are deciding for themselves that there are some things – Black Lives in particular – that are more important than social distancing.

This life-in-limbo that we’ve been living can’t go on forever – but should it go on for just a little longer? Yes, I think it should – but my thoughts on the matter count for diddly squat. I’ll be staying away from people for a while longer (or as far away as it’s possible while working in retail…) and I won’t be rushing to the ‘non-essential’ shops as soon as they open. I’ll let the crowds die down a little.

The trouble is, after a while, ‘non-essential’ becomes essential – the first place I’ll be heading once I do feel safe to do it will be the M&S knicker department…

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  1. anglosvizzera says:

    I agree with what you say about the crazy response to this virus. With the ‘deaths attributed to Covid-19’ obviously totally inaccurate (lots of people saying that their relatives died of heart attacks etc but Covid-19 was put on the death certificate, and other people who weren’t tested at all had it put on in any case based on…not even guesswork. Dr Malcolm Kendrick said that although in the care homes he attends, he tried to make a diagnosis and ended up with some being Covid-19 related and others not, his colleagues ALL put down Covid-19 as the cause of death from early March!)

    Also the vast majority of people were in the elderly/very elderly age group or had known medical conditions which puts them at risk even from having a bad cold or flu.

    I read a bit about “Event 201” yesterday – it was a ‘pandemic simulation exercise’ done last October at Johns Hopkins University (in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) which is described on the main website:

    The initial hype and the use of the media to create fear about this virus (which was actually a deliberate strategy that is published in government documents!) have caused thousands of extra non-Covid-related deaths from heart attacks, suicides, untreated cancers and so on and we will never actually know the true mortality figures that this virus did ’cause’ directly.

    We weren’t given any advice from the government or public health bodies about how to improve our resistance to this (and any other) virus, yet there were doctors out there trying to help people help themselves beyond the hand-washing and social distancing, via their blogs, videos, podcasts and the like. Very little actually got into MSM, although at the beginning it did, until they were told not to EVER mention anything to do with vitamin C, for example. (This is a fact, as many of these medical and nutritional experts found out themselves when they received warnings from Facebook and Youtube, and/or didn’t get their articles published.)

    Do you remember being given cod liver oil and rosehip syrup as a child? And a small bottle of milk at school every day? My husband and I do – and those essential vitamins (A, C, D and E) probably did a lot to help our immunity back then.

    The 2 metre social distancing was not based on any scientific research (Zoë Harcombe has just published an article about this) and the WHO recommendations were always, and still are, only 1 metre. This small difference has made a huge impact on smaller businesses, particularly in the hospitality trade, many of which will probably never recover.

    I don’t see much of my family generally as they all live a while away, although two of my children and one boyfriend were passing a few weeks ago and needed the loo!! So we wiped everything down before and after. And a couple of weeks ago, my husband’s daughter, who’s expecting his first grandchild any minute now, came round with her husband and sat in the garden at the appropriate distance for a cup of tea and a bit of cake. And other similar instances…just without the usual hugs and kisses.

    The Oxford vaccine trials are now having to recruit participants in Brazil as the rate of infection in the UK is now so low that they can’t test the efficacy of the vaccine in those who have been injected here, without deliberately infecting them!

    On the news last night, the PM of New Zealand was congratulating everyone for now being ‘virus free’ due to their border closures etc. But does that mean they will have to examine or quarantine absolutely everyone who enters the country for ever more, so as not to allow this virus into a place where there is absolutely no ‘herd immunity’ built up? A bit like when the Europeans invaded the Americas? That will be an interesting thing to watch for over the next few years.

    Dr Malcolm Kendrick believes that it will just ‘disappear’, like most other similar viruses…we’ll have to wait and see!


    1. Hi Anglos – I’ve edited your comment down, hope you don’t mind. Hope you’re managing to get back to something like normality!

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  2. anglosvizzera says:

    Not to worry – I’m used to being censored these days!! People can look it all up for themselves if they are interested…and it seems many more people are starting to question it all…

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  3. SisterStay says:

    I am very interested. I like to read a balanced view of everything to be properly informed. Thank you.

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  4. SisterStay says:

    First stop for me: hairdressers. Then, meet you in the M&S lingerie department!


    1. Oh God yes, hair. I can’t see out!!


  5. jmarie1974 says:

    Life’s been very different for us (2 young kids round house) so no time to miss things other than hugs. Having said that, every time we go out, I miss going in to some pub for a meal!


    1. Pub?? What is this thing of which you speak? They sound fun though. I have vague memories of there being one near here…

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      1. jmarie1974 says:



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