The Second Half

Well, that’s the first half of 2020 over with. It’s been a hell of a year so far.

It’s kind of taken me by surprise, that we’re so far through the year. I think it’s because I feel everything has been in some sort of suspended animation since the start of Lockdown. I surprised myself the other day when I realised we’d already had Easter!

Here are the resolutions that I made at the start of the year. It seems much longer ago than just six months – which is odd, granted what I’ve just this minute said in the previous paragraph!!

It’s all going terribly well, isn’t it?

Get out more – oh yes, one of my resolutions was to get out and about more. Well, at the moment I get out to go to work, to the supermarket and to the petrol station. And that’s it. Who’d have thought that our lives would become so constrained so quickly. I will start going out again. And I will do my Road Trip again – but it will have to wait until the places I want to see are open and the people I want to see can be seen.

CountryFile Live – I had a fabulous time there last year, and was all set to do it again. But, it had already been cancelled before Covid-19 struck. Someone somewhere had decided that it wasn’t worth their while to do two events (one at Blenheim in the south and one at Castle Howard in the north), so they’d stick with Blenheim. Such a shame. Of course, Blenheim isn’t happening either now.

Going on holiday – I’d decided where I wanted to go, I’d got the passport sorted and I’d booked the tickets. The rest, as they say, is history. In that parallel universe that is ‘what life would have been like without Covid-19’, I should have just got home last Saturday. Next year, maybe?

Cutting down on the red meat – actually, this one I’ve succeeded with!! I eat very little red meat – I have a lot of chicken, and a fair amount of fish, and just occasionally I’ll buy mince or pork chops or sausages, just for a change. But it’s probably less than once  a month now. I’d like to think the planet was better for it – although I suspect that me eating red meat or not eating red meat won’t make a whole heap of difference to the state of the planet right now.

So welcome to the second half of 2020 – it can’t be any worse than the first half, can it?

Don’t even answer that.

Watch out for updates from my lovely guest bloggers, coming soon. They shared their thoughts on their ‘Life under Lockdown’, and now they’re going to update us about their ‘Life after Lockdown’. I’ll start posting on 4th July, as that’s something of a key date in our move back to normality.

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Photo by Jess Bailey Designs from Pexels

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