Life after Lockdown – The Tutor

With tutoring still not happening, our tutor is using his creative skills to great effect with other projects. You can read his original ‘Life under Lockdown’ post here.

All Day to Fill – by Howard Carlisle

What to do today?

At first, when we heard the words of Boris – we all need to stay at home – there were so many jobs to do. House painting, wall repairs, landscaping the garden, etc, etc.

Once all those things had been tackled we then had to look for jobs and even make jobs.

When all avenues had been explored there suddenly was an emptiness. Model making – now that’s something I haven’t done for 40 years, so scouring Ebay I found a model motorcycle. While my wife was knitting little hearts for hospitals, that would  keep me busy and as a bonus I can re-live my motorcycle days.

One week later it was delivered and built. Back to emptiness.

A pond in a pot! Now there’s an idea – so back on Ebay and there it was, a wonderful large grey ribbed plastic planter, perfect! And maybe a water feature to calm us whilst sunbathing in the back garden, oh and some pond plants maybe half a dozen, cool. Now sit back and wait for the post.

It all arrived, the planter was unpacked, positioned and filled with water within an hour. The little solar panel pump added and the pump submerged, it worked! A little spurt, and a trickle of water gently babbled on the surface of the pond – which surprised me as the pump was from China via Ebay (not a good combination).

Now for pebbles and plants and there it is, a pond in a pot. Two weeks later the plants are growing and the wildlife have moved in, the birds drink and bathe, little round water mites dart around, fly larvae wriggle and yesterday a pond skater arrived. 

Amidst all the news dominated by coronavirus my little pond has become a retreat from the big world and allows me to focus on my little world and its inhabitants. I thought of adding a small fish but decided that it would upset the calming balance of the pond. I would be responsible for its welfare, creating a small underlying stress – so no fish. 

The models were ok, they filled a small moment in lockdown time – but my pond in a pot is ongoing and gives me pleasure every day. 

Watch out for more ‘Life after Lockdown’ guest blogs over the next few days.

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