Dirty Mash

I’ve rebelled this week.

Every week, just about, for the past 18 months I’ve had Rubber Chicken. I roast it on a Sunday, have it cold and in sandwiches on Monday and Tuesday, then make soup with the bones on Wednesday.

But this week, well – this week I haven’t done that!! I was in Aldi, all ready to choose the chicken, when I suddenly decided to think outside the shopping list.

Instead –

  • I bought 6 chicken fillets – I had one on Sunday, cooked slowly in the oven with lemon and garlic and butter. I put a jacket potato in the oven at the same time.
  • I bought half a dozen sausages – I had two on Monday, with fried onions and mushroom, and dirty mash. What on earth is dirty mash, I hear you ask?? Well – it’s mash made with potatoes with their skins on. The skins are clean, I hasten to add… It’s quicker, it’s healthier (most of the goodness of the potato is just under the skin I believe), there’s less waste.
  • I bought some mince – I made savoury mince – soul food for a grotty July day. Onions, mushroom, carrots all cooked with the mince, a sprig of home-grown rosemary thrown in, and my secret ingredient – a squeeze of tomato ketchup. Served with, you’ve guessed it – dirty mash.
  • I bought two gammon steaks – I’ll be having one tomorrow night. Gammon steak is the closest thing we can buy in England to what the Irish call bacon. (What the Brits call bacon, the Irish call rashers). Bacon and cabbage is a traditional Irish dish (I lived in Ireland for four years – have I mentioned that?) Traditionally you would boil the bacon with cabbage and serve it with parsley sauce. I’ll be grilling it, but the cabbage and the parsley sauce will be there. And some carrots. And potatoes. I might mash them…

And that means I have 5 chicken fillets, 4 sausages, half a pack of mince and a gammon steak in the freezer, which means I won’t need to buy any meat at all next week. Happy days.

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Photo by Marco Antonio Victorino from Pexels

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