Hair. Cut.

It was 4 o’clock on Saturday 25th July 2020. Finally.

The long-awaited hour of my long-awaited hair appointment.

I arrived at 5 minutes to 4, face mask in place. I was met at the door and had my temperature taken.

This is the first time in all of this Covid crisis that I’ve had my temperature taken!

They asked me to sanitize my hands, and then I had to fill in a form with my name and address on, which noted my temperature, and I had to sign to confirm that I felt well.

There was no sitting in the waiting area until it was my turn, there were no magazines, and there was no offer of a coffee. I had to keep my jacket with me – it wasn’t hung up on the coat stand. There was no coat stand.

My hairdresser was wearing a visor, but no mask (due to steaming up the visor and making it impossible to see what she was doing), and no gloves – general consensus is that regular hand washing is preferable.

She gave me a gown to put on, and assured me that it was freshly washed, and that they have plastic disposable ones but are trying to reduce the amount of plastic they’re throwing away. Fine by me.

I was taken straight to the basins to have my hair washed, and assured that everything had been sanitized. We joked about trying to get the hair washed without getting the mask wet. Not an easy job.

I returned to the chair, and my hairdresser re-sanitized the basin and chair and so forth that we’d just used.

The haircut went ahead pretty much as planned – only I couldn’t see the full effect because of the mask. Also, if small bits of hair can get inside the mask (and I can reliably state that they can) then it has to be said that the mask is bugger all use against viruses…

I had to remove the mask from one ear (but still hold it close to my face) while she cut that bit, then repeat at the other side.

We chatted about all the normal things, and after a while I forgot that things are far from normal. We wondered how long all these measures will be in place for, and whether they really make a difference, and how long it will be before the majority of law-abiding people say ‘Sod it’ and stop bothering.

And at the end she stepped away so that I could take my mask off to see how it all looked. I looked like me again!

She’d been told not to blow dry as that can blow the virus from one person to another – not a legal requirement, but something her risk assessment people had told her. Because my hair is so short (well, it is now!!) that wasn’t an issue for me – but it might be an issue for anyone with long hair or anyone wanting a bob-type hair style.

I felt very safe. And it felt so GOOD to be having my hair cut. I’ve really struggled with the length and general floppiness of my ‘Covid look’. I think it made me look about 10 years older than I really wanted to look. Quite apart from the fact that I couldn’t see out – add in the effect of steamed up glasses due to mask-wearing, and it was a wonder I could see anything at all.

Here are the before-and-afters –

Before… (sad face)
… and after (happy face!!)

Another step on the road to normality. Next excitement will be the beauty salons being able to work above the neck (which I believe will happen from 1st August), so I can get my over-grown eyebrows sorted out…

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. LittleDreams says:

    You look great! I think you looked lovely with the longer version too but it’s always how we feel about ourselves that matters. I’m leaving mine for the moment and am considering growing it a little longer than usual but I may change my mind many times yet.
    I’m looking forward to your post about your brows though (it’s an exciting life I lead!) as I do wonder how that’ll work out. I’ll book mine in after you report back-😁! Xx


    1. Glad I can bring some excitement to someone’s life!! I haven’t got an actual appointment yet – but I keep getting emails from them keeping me up-to-date with the fluid and fast-moving situation. Fingers crossed they’ll get back to me before too long.


  2. SisterStay says:

    It was totally worth all the hassle, right? You look great. And happy.


    1. To-tall-y. And very happy. I feel like I’m me again!!


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