At 2 o’clock this morning I had to dial 999.

It was a hot night, and I already wasn’t sleeping. But if I had been sleeping I’d have been woken by loud voices on the road outside. Male voices, yelling at each other. I assumed it was just a couple of lads passing by after a night out – but they didn’t pass by. The yelling didn’t fade away as they passed on up the road. It stayed outside my house.

I looked out of the window. There was a car full of lads, and as I opened the curtains one of them got out and started running up the road. The car set off after him with one of the back doors of the car still open.

They stopped a bit further up the street. I still thought they were just daft drunks at this point. I headed back to bed.

Then I heard a woman screaming. Proper screaming. ‘NO!!’ ‘SORRY!!’ ‘PLEASE, NO!!” And when I looked out there was one young woman surrounded by five or six blokes.

So I dialled 999.

What I really wanted to do was go down and sort them all out. But I’m old enough and wise enough not to do that. It pains me that I felt I couldn’t.

It took a while for the Police to answer, and the group were moving further up the road – but I could still hear her screaming.

I gave details of what I’d seen and they told me they were treating it as an emergency. That’s good – but judging by the time it took them to answer my call in the first place, they were already busy.

The call handler said mine wasn’t the only call they’d had about this incident, so that’s something. It’s good to know the neighbours were bothered about it too.

I went back to bed, knowing that I needed to sleep and knowing that I probably wouldn’t. I’ve just woken up, so I must have slept, but I don’t feel like I have at all.

I wish I’d gone outside. Not to be some sort of hero, but just so she knew that someone was there.

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  1. Joan Mudd says:

    OMG! You did the right thing. If you have have gone out, there would have been yet another person in danger. Did the police come?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know – if they did, they didn’t use blues and twos! Trouble is, of course, by the time they could have got here, the group could have been anywhere.


  2. SisterStay says:

    Well done for calling. Wish we had an update. x


    1. Yes, me too. I hope they all made it home and suffered nothing worse than a bad head the next morning.


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