Corona Curves

Or Covid curves. Or love handles. Or middle-aged spread.

Whatever you want to call it – I don’t like it.

I’m 6lbs heavier than I was pre-Covid – and it all seems to be round my middle. It’s not a lot, but it needs to be sorted out.

So – I’m going to sort it out. And here’s how I plan to do it.

Thing One – back to the gym. My gym was closed, of course. Then it re-opened – but it was only a week, and I only managed three sessions, before we had a second lockdown here in West Yorkshire and they had to close again.

They’ve now been allowed to re-re-open, provided the sessions are outdoors. Luckily there’s outdoor space at the gym, with artificial turf and enough space for a maximum of 5 people to work while maintaining social distancing. I’ve only done one session – but I’m booked on a few more, not quite every other day, due to work commitments, but certainly 2 – 3 sessions a week.

And on non-gym days – at the very least a walk. No excuses.

Thing Two – I’m going to get a grip on the treats. I’ve been indulging more than’s normal for me. Too many bikkies, basically.

Portion control is the other thing – when the main lockdown was at its height, and I was picking stock and delivering orders to people in their cars, walking 6 – 8 miles a day and doing lots of lifting, I upped the amount I was eating, cos I needed to keep my strength up. Trouble is – I’m still eating the same amount, even though I’m now back to sitting at a desk designing kitchens again. It needs to stop now!!

Oh, and alcohol. I used to have a glass of wine or a bottle of beer on a Friday night and again on a Saturday night. Then I started having one on the night before a day off as well (I work shifts, so my days off follow no strict pattern). No more. Glass of wine on the night before a day off, and that’s it.

And cups of tea. I drink copious amounts of tea. And I have sugar in my tea. So that’s going to get reduced – a cup of tea in the morning, a coffee at lunchtime if I’m at work, and then maybe another cuppa during the evening. There’s no need for me to have more than that. The rest of the time I can drink water.

Here are the stats –

9th August – Day One –  weight 9st 6lbs.      

  • breakfast – small portion of breakfast cereal, cup of tea
  • brisk walk to 5-Rise Locks – 20 minutes
  • at work 10:00 – 16:30
  • lunch – a wholemeal bread bun with ham and cucumber, cherry tomatoes, satsuma
  • dinner – a small portion of homemade chicken curry (made the normal amount, ate 1/3, froze the remaining 2/3 – normally I would have eaten half and frozen half) with a small portion of brown rice. Small portion of cherry yogurt.
  • another walk to 5-Rise Locks. More of a saunter this time, picking blackberries. A couple of days early, I think – not many ripe ones, but loads that are nearly ready.
  • supper – mug of tea

It’s probably important to also say what I didn’t have today. I didn’t have a second cup of tea and a couple of chocolate bikkies before I went to work. I didn’t have a caramel Wacko bar during my break at work. I didn’t dip into the sweets drawer at work (the department pretty much runs on chocolate and Haribo). I didn’t have a coffee. I took a water bottle and drank a whole litre of the stuff. And I didn’t have the usual bikkies with my evening cup of tea.

I’ve no idea how much that adds up to as regards fewer calories in and more calories out. But it’s a start.

10th August, weight 9st 4 3/4lbs.

I’ll report back in a week or so with my progress.

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. gosforthgirl says:

    Hi…well done on your progress.. inspirational as always.

    Give up the’ll take a good fortnight to get used to it but it WILL work! Otherwise you are always accustomed to have sugar in your mouth.

    Your weight doesn’t sound high to start with!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm – I’ve tried to get rid of the sugar in the drinks before – nope, can’t do it!! However – I don’t drink fizzy pop and I don’t indulge in cakes and cream buns and such, so I guess things sort of even out. I’d rather reduce the amount of tea I drink than try to drink it without sugar!!.
      You’re right – the weight isn’t really the issue (although I can feel my clothes are tighter on me). But there’s a flabbiness there that wasn’t there before!! I’m off to the gym at half six, that’ll help. xx


  2. Rachy T says:

    well done you on a good start! I am in the same position, excess wobble and clothes too tight … LOL! I am counting calories which I know works for me, treats only on weekends and more exercise. Good luck, you’ve got this 🙂


    1. Thanks!! I’m cross that I’ve let it happen – but definitely doing something about it!! You’ve got this too!


  3. SisterStay says:

    Same here! I weighed myself the other day and was shocked to see I have put on 3kg since I last weighed myself about 6 months ago. Too much cake and too little exercise during lockdown, I’m afraid. I have signed up to the SWEAT app now and it certainly makes me live up to its name. What a shame. I LOVE cake.


    1. Yup – too much time on the sofa drinking tea and eating bikkies over here. Well done for keeping on top of it.

      Liked by 1 person

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