A Year of Kitchen Designing

It’s a year today since I started work as a kitchen designer for a major DIY chain.

I needed a job, because my husband had left me. We ran a limited company together – and that was my only source of income.

When he told me he was leaving, my initial shock was very closely followed by a realisation of just how vulnerable I was financially. There was every chance that as a result of him leaving I would also lose my job and therefore my house.

As things have turned out, we’ve been able to continue to run the business together – it hasn’t always been easy, but we’ve been professional about it.

But with hindsight I should never have put myself in that position in the first place. That’s a tricky one isn’t it? When he suggested that I give up teaching and work for the business instead , should I have said, ‘No, I’ll continue doing a job I hate in case you leave me’? Nevertheless, that’s what I should have done. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Well anyway, on 20th August 2019 I started the new job.

There was such a lot to learn – not just how to use the design program to actually design a kitchen, but how to design a bathroom and a bedroom too. How to process a finance application. How to convert a design into an order. And all members of staff have to be till-trained, so that was something else to learn.

I enjoy the work, and the people I work with are lovely. It isn’t without its stresses – if someone’s spending good money on a kitchen you’ve designed, you need to be sure you’ve got it right. But it’s interesting, and it’s a great feeling when a customer says they love your design.

Of course, this year, everything was suspended due to the coronavirus. I wasn’t furloughed – I continued to work, in a much-reduced team, while the store was closed for all but Click and Collect orders. Jeez that was hard work.

We’ve been back to ‘normal’ for a few weeks now.

We weren’t sure how things would go – would sales be slow, because so many people had either been furloughed on 80% of their normal pay, or were self-employed and had had to stop work, so there was less money around?

Or would sales be good, because so many people hadn’t been able to take a holiday this year, and there was so little to actually spend your money on, they might as well replace their kitchen?

Turns out, we’ve been crazy busy. At least two of my customers have actually told me they’re re-doing their kitchen because they’ve not been able to have a holiday.

It’s hard to think that it’s been a year already. Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself.

And I am.

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Photo by Mike from Pexels

7 Comments Add yours

  1. LittleDreams says:

    A milestone- well done. I don’t think you should’ve stayed in a job you hate “just in case” but I do think we should all have a personal “f**k it fund” just in case things don’t work out as we planned. This fund should be separate from other people’s funds, in case it’s them that are the issue! I have this type of fund and I once mentioned the thinking behind it to a colleague that told me that I had trust issues, was very negative etc etc. But I just see it as good financial future proofing! 😁

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    1. I agree. But it’s difficult, isn’t it – you go into a relationship hoping and expecting it to last. A fuck-off fund kind of implies that you think it won’t. I think I would have a problem if a man had a similar fund at the ready in case he needed it. But that doesn’t mean I think you’re wrong!! Relationships are so complicated.

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  2. Joan Mudd says:

    Congratulations of your one year anniversary!

    Littledream, I applaud your philosophy. That is exactly what someone should do, wherever possible. I think that one should not be entirely financially dependent on other people, be it a husband, wife, parents, the State etc, but unfortunately that is so often the way of things for whatever reason. I remember many years ago when one of my nieces approached me for a chat about men. She had been seeing someone who was very rich but not very nice. He did however shower her in gifts to make up for it. On the other hand she had met someone who was kind, gentle and loving and made her laugh, but had no money. She asked if she should try and make it work with Richie Rich or pursue a relationship with the new man. My advice was “Make your own money and go for the kind one . Do not rely on another person to provide your wherewithal if you possibly can, then you can’t be controlled”. She took my advice. I appreciate that it is easier said than done and everyone’s life is different but nonetheless… I too have f*ck it fund and I also have a “mental” grab bag of what I would take if I had to go. I don’t think it’s a matter of having trust issues, it’s just being practical. I have been very happily married to a wonderful man for nearly 50 years so it’s not fear of being left etc. It’s just the sensible thing to do. NB, my work colleagues thought I was weird too. LOL!

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    1. It’s been a quick year!! And you know there’s always a bed here…

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  3. SisterStay says:

    Congratulations on a year of financial independence. I applaud you and I am glad it’s doing a job you love this time. Funnily enough, I know two people who are currently replacing their ktichens in lieu of holidays. Who’d have thought?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! It makes perfect sense really – you spend more time in your kitchen than you do on holiday!!

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