Million Vaccines

Back in April, just five months ago, the BBC ran a headline that said there would be ‘a million vaccines by September’.

I didn’t believe it then – it’s now September and it’s turned out to be… not true. Fancy that.

The trouble is, it was reported by the BBC. Rightly or wrongly, we generally believe what we’re told by the BBC – and although the piece itself said there were ‘no guarantees’, the headline went with the million vaccines line.

This is what I wrote back in April – Exit Strategy

And this is what the Guardian wrote just yesterday – Covid vaccine tracker

So far, seven possible vaccines have made it to Phase 3 trials – lots of people are given the vaccine, and lots of people aren’t, and the results of the two groups are compared. Scientists are basically looking to see how effective it is, and also how safe it is. Bearing in mind it’s intended to be given to otherwise healthy people, it has to be very safe indeed.

The next stage is Approval. No vaccine for Covid-19 has reached that stage yet. The big players are the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the EMA (European Medicines Agency). They are the organisations that will approve (or not approve) any new vaccine for use in the US or Europe. Let’s hope they have something to approve, or not approve, before too long – and that they make the right decision.

Back in April, I suggested that maybe, just maybe, we should consider the possibility that there is no effective vaccine out there waiting to be found. There’s no reason why there should be. Far more drugs fail than succeed.

I think we have to be prepared for that.

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  1. sienablue says:

    I am wary of vaccines. Any covid vaccine will be the first approved mRNA vaccine. Over here the fda is hinting it might approve a vaccine before phase 3 trials are over if it ferls the benefits outweigh the risks. Cases of reinfection have now been confirmed in several countries so even natural immunity does not last long.

    I think there is no magic bullet for this and infection control will depend on personal responsibility.


    1. I believe only one of the proposed vaccines is the mRNA type – first time it will have been used for an infection, I think. The others are variations on vaccine models that are already in use. But as we know from the flu vaccine whatever is discovered may not be effective for long.
      I think part of our response has to be an acceptance that all we can’t reduce our risk to zero. I guess it depends how much you want to get back to normal versus how much you want to avoid getting the disease. Very tough. And we’re so much in the hands of how other people are dealing with it as well – whether they wear a mask or come too close etc etc.
      Take care xx


  2. sienablue says:

    Yes, the Moderna vaccine seems to be the one churning out the most publicity over here in the USA….it’s the mRNA one I think.

    I agree! Personal risk mitigation is going to be important going forward. I am already getting choosy about who I socialize with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If only I had the choice!! I work in retail, and there’s only so much you can do. Numpties will always be numpties…


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