Big Birthday

We had Big Plans.

First, there was the cruise. Mum’s idea – Mum and Dad enjoy cruising. It’s not something I’ve ever done, although I’ve spent plenty of time on ships.

Both Mum and I will be having Big Birthdays this year – she will turn 90 in October, I’ll be 60 in November. Mum’s idea was that I should join them on a cruise to celebrate both of our Big Birthdays. We were going to do Denmark and Scandinavia. We were looking forward to it.

And I was very aware of the fact that most people don’t have 90 year old parents who can plan their own birthday celebrations.

It was all booked for the last week of August. Well, obviously it didn’t happen, and we knew very early on that it wouldn’t happen, so although it was disappointing, it was just one of those things, couldn’t be helped. We got over it, pretty much.

Instead, Mum suggested that we get the gang together for the weekend nearest to her birthday. There would be 12 of us, for two nights in a hotel and a big meal on the Saturday night. Everyone had taken time out of their lives, it was all booked. It was going to be fun.

Then, with less than a month to go, the rule of 6 came along, and the Big Birthday Weekend has had to be cancelled. Mum is so disappointed. I tried to arrange an Emergency Birthday Party for last Saturday, before the new rules came into force – I was able to get the venue, but with only two days to go there just wasn’t enough notice to get everyone together.

It looks like it will just be myself and my parents now, out for a meal. Which will be pleasant, but a mere shadow of what had been originally planned. It’s such a great shame. And no, we can’t comfort ourselves with the thought that we can do it next year instead – you only turn 90 once. And, all joking apart, you can’t rely on being able to try again next year. And besides, Covid won’t be over by then.

What should have been a Big Birthday is turning into a Very Small Birthday.

And I haven’t even bothered trying to organise anything for my Big Birthday in November. There doesn’t seem a lot of point.

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  1. SisterStay says:

    Aah, that’s all a bit disappointing. I’m so sorry. But how about planning something a bit more exciting than a dinner together? How about planning an ‘experience’, like maybe a day trip on the Northern Belle ( or how about a cruise of York or a helicopter ride, both with acccompanying afternoon tea, through Red Letter Days ( Just because it’s only the three of you doesn’t mean it can’t be hugely memorable. Good luck! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those are all great ideas – will see what I can sort out. I think I’m still in the ‘what a shame’ phase, rather than the ‘let’s make the best of it’ phase. Also not sure how Mum would cope with more disappointment if we booked something and it couldn’t go ahead. It’s all very difficult. But thanks for the suggestions!!


  2. janeyjump says:

    So sad. Hope you have a lovely time though.


    1. Isn’t it. I think she’s expecting even our little meal out to be cancelled at a moment’s notice. But yes, it’ll be lovely – just not what she’d hoped for.


  3. Athene says:

    I feel your pain, I am also 60 in November. A cottage booked for a family break has been postponed till next year, annoyingly if I’d hung on I would probably have got my money back because it would’ve been illegal to have nine of us under one roof. As it is rebooking seem the best option, I just hope my older siblings are still around! A mini cruise in December to see Christmas markets with my sisters has also been cancelled.

    It’s very hard for your parents at 90. I hope you can enjoy some celebrations, I can’t help feeling that we must do these things when we can in case there is a further lockdown.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, that sounds such a familiar story!! Maybe if we haven’t had a birthday party, we haven’t really had a birthday??
      I think Mum is just tired with it all now. It’s sort of taken the shine off of things, which is sad.

      Liked by 1 person

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