Redecorating after Brunch

It all started because the milk was off.

Which meant no milk for my cereal or my morning cup of tea. Of course, I could have had toast and marmalade and a coffee (I drink my coffee black). But I don’t like coffee first thing in the morning, and I didn’t fancy toast and marmalade.

So – I decided not to have breakfast at all, but instead to go and do my normal weekly shopping and then have brunch when I got back home.

I have a dining room, but I haven’t really used it since my husband left 18 months ago – I just eat on the sofa and watch the TV. And to be fair, we didn’t much use it when he was still living here – only really if we had visitors.

I decided that I would do brunch properly – sit at the table. Set the table. Get the mats out.

I made scrambled egg with smashed avocado, on seeded wholemeal toast, washed down with apple and mango juice and followed by a cafetiere of decent coffee. I sat in the dining room and wondered why I don’t eat in there more often.

Correction – I wondered why I don’t eat in there at all.

And there are lots of reasons – but the one that stands out above all the rest is that it’s basically a very boring room. The walls are cream. The curtains are cream. The centre light is cream. The wallpaper is silver on – wait for it – a cream background.

There’s a clock on the wall but it stopped a long time ago and it needs an actual clockmaker to make it go again.

The room has no personality. There’s no life in there.

The only time I go in is to either put washing round the radiator, or on my way out to the garden.

There are bits that I like. With large windows, and the door to the garden at the side, it gets light from two directions. The fireplace is probably original, making it Edwardian. It has a high ceiling, and it’s a decent size.

So – what to do about it?

It needs warming up and it needs to be more interesting.

If money was no object, I would get rid of the cream curtains and go for something darker and more sumptuous. It’s a room that needs some sort of statement. I would also change the light fitting. But the thing that I think I might do is paint one of the walls.

So this afternoon I went to the well-known DIY chain that I work for, and collected some paint chips to see what I fancy.

The Edwardian fireplace has fabulous decorated tiles, and that’s where I’m starting. I’ve chosen colours that work with the tiles.

I’ve got them blu-tacked to the fireplace so that I can decide which I like.

Once I’ve got a short-list of two or three I’ll get some tester pots and set to work.

Quite excited. I’m doing this for me – I wrote about owning the space ages ago, and this is a room that is very definitely one that I’m not owning.

But I’m also doing it with half an eye on the fact that I know I’ll have to sell eventually – and at the moment the dining room isn’t very appealing. If I sort it out now, I get the benefit – and then when it’s time to sell I’ll get the benefit of that as well.

But, once I’ve sorted it out and made it a more pleasant space to be in – I actually have to use it. I have to get out of the habit of just slobbing in front of the TV at every meal. I have to find reasons to use it.

And to think if the milk hadn’t gone off, none of this would have happened.

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11 Comments Add yours

  1. Joan Mudd says:

    I like your dining room! It’s elegant and sophisticated. Mind you … my lounge is actually painted magnolia by (choice) so who am I to comment?


  2. Joan Mudd says:

    And if I could edit my reply I would put (by choice). Damn these sausage fingers 🙂


    1. I like the cream – I just think there’s too much of it. I’ve never been as happy with this room as I am with the rest of the house. It definitely needs ‘something’ – we’ll see how I feel once the walls are painted!!


  3. gosforthgirl says:

    Hi- just in the similar situation as you but finding getting the ` right` tester pot very challenging! Why are the colours soooo inaccurate?

    Unlike you I`m not used to painting so this will be a massive challenge for me but at least no one to comment on the mistakes!

    Also you should get a discount on your paints which is good! xx


    1. OO, that’s great, we can compare notes. What are you doing? Take your time – you should aim to spend longer doing the prep than you spend doing the painting (wiping the wall down, polyfilla-ing the cracks, masking tape if required). And if you don’t get finished in one day put your brushes/roller in a plastic bag overnight and they’ll still be usable the next day.
      I actually enjoy watching paint dry… And yes, discount is good!!!


  4. Rachy T says:

    Happy decorating! Fate lent a hand perhaps? 😁


    1. It’s certainly funny how one thing led to another!!


  5. SisterStay says:

    How lovely to reclaim your dining room. Magnolia is a pretty safe choice when you come to sell the house. You could look on eBay for some new curtains or in charity shops for a new painting /picture for the walls… Look on freecycle too. It’s amazing what’s out there.


  6. Oh yes!! All the furniture came from either our local auction house or our local antique dealer. £500 for a mahogany 8-seater table plus 8 chairs, £10 for the sideboard and I think about £50 for the dresser. Love a bargain, me!!

    But – do I paint a wall or change the curtains? I don’t think I need to do both. Painting the wall would be the cheapest option (the curtains are floor to ceiling, 4 widths for the window, and another width for the side door).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SisterStay says:

      I should have known. Who’d go to IKEA when you can get bargains like that?? Replacement curtains – even secondhand for a wnidow that big, plus a side door – would be expensive. I look forward to seeing the chosen paint colour!


      1. I’ve got all the paint chips blu-tacked to the fireplace now, and I keep looking at them in different light conditions at different times of the day. There’s one I keep coming back to…


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