Eyebrow Day

Today’s the day!! It’s H-Hour minus 7.

At precisely 14:55 I will be setting off to walk down the hill to the beauty salon, to arrive at 15:00. I will have my mask at the ready, and be prepared to have my temperature taken and to fill in a track and trace form. I will sanitize my hands. I will accept that they can no longer offer me a cup of herbal tea while I’m waiting.

I don’t really have many treatments, even under normal circumstances – basically eyebrows, upper lip and the occasional nail polish for special occasions.

Today, for the first time since lockdown, I will be having my eyebrows waxed. I’ve also decided to have my upper lip waxed because – well, because.

I can’t pluck my own eyebrows. I used to do it myself, but once I started wearing glasses, and particularly once I changed to varifocals, it’s impossible.

I can’t see up-close – even a magnifying mirror doesn’t help (I just see a big fuzzy image rather than a small fuzzy image). And with varifocals the ‘reading’ part of the lens is at the bottom – but to see your own eyebrows you have to look up.

Add in the fact that the frame of the glasses gets in the way of seeing the brows, and it’s just easier for someone else to do it!!

As I’ve got older, my eyebrows have got more and more unruly. We want our children to be independent and to have a mind of their own – but these are not traits that we want for our eyebrows. Deary me no.

And the individual hairs have got thicker as well.

During lockdown, when I’ve been desperate, I’ve had to pluck them from memory. I wouldn’t recommend it.

So today I’m quite giddy with excitement.

The salon texted me last week to say that at last they were allowed to do all treatments, including those ‘above the neck’. And I rang straight back to say ‘Me, me, me, do me!!!’ The phone went to voice mail, so I obviously wasn’t the only person excited by the news!!

And I’m going to get the upper lip done while I’m at it. I can at least see to do this myself, and I keep the more obvious ones under control – but every now and then it’s nice to have it done properly.

Is it trivial of me to be worried about the state of my eyebrows and my upper lip? Should a woman my age really care? Shouldn’t I just leave them to grow the way nature intended?


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. SisterStay says:

    “We want our children to be independent and to have a mind of their own – but these are not traits that we want for our eyebrows.” Ha ha!!! Love this. Eyebrows definitely need to be monitored.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel so much better for having them done!! A brief foray into normality before lockdown hits us again!


  3. Katherine Cole says:

    I’m not one for beauty treatments and ‘primping’ excessively (expensive and you can’t polish a t**d) but I do have an ongoing vendetta against my facial hair. Since I had a serious car accident years ago the barely noticeable scar on my chin is sprouting the most bristly of hairs! Going for
    My eyebrows threading and my chin and lip waxing is one of my luxuries


    1. What even is the point of facial hair!! And the person who invented tweezers has my undying affection!!!


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