Are We Confused Enough Yet?

Hands up if you know for sure what you’re allowed to do.

No, me neither.

So many questions –

Can I visit my elderly parents in their home? We form a support bubble. I’m in a lockdown area, they’re not.

Can my elderly parents visit me in my home?

Can I meet up with my elderly parents in a restaurant?

Do I still have to finish my meal/drink before 10pm if I’m staying overnight at the hotel?

What’s the point of any of it when we know that 45% of new cases are from care homes and only 5% have been linked to the hospitality industry? (Data from PHE, up to 13/9/20)

Do shop workers have to wear masks all the time now? Does that include the times when we’re not in close contact with the public? Do I still have to wear one when I’m off the shop floor (eg if I’m in the staff room on a break)?

Can I give someone who isn’t in my household a lift in my car if we both wear masks? What if I need to give my elderly parents a lift? Or a colleague that I’ve been working with all day?

Can shop workers insist on someone who isn’t wearing a mask (for whatever reason) standing 2 metres away?

How are the rules different in my area (where a local lockdown is in force) to other areas (where the ‘normal’ rules apply)?

Am I allowed to travel out of my local lockdown area (for example to visit my parents who are in my support bubble)?

Can my cleaner still come (she always wears a mask, and we maintain social distancing)?

If Track and Trace contact me do I have to self-isolate, or get a test, or both? Will my employer continue to pay me if I have to self-isolate? Will I be able to get a test if I need to? How long will it take to get the results?

Is a lodger counted as part of my household?

How are schools supposed to avoid spreading the virus when they can’t even stop the spread of nits?

When will there be a vaccine? (I know the answer to this – not for a long time).

When will it all be over?

Will I ever be able to hug my grandchildren again?

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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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