Bad Back

As if things weren’t bad enough!!

Now my back’s gone. This is a ‘normal’ bad back – not like the one I got from Flipping Tyres.

All I did was lean over to pick up my laptop from the side of the bed. Something I do Every. Single. Morning.

But this time, there was a bit of a twinge. It’ll be fine…

As long as I don’t move, it’ll be fine…

The twinge became a spasm and the spasm became a pain. But I wasn’t wrong – as long as I didn’t move AT ALL, it didn’t hurt…

So, I thanked my forward thinking in having meds in my bedside table, took two Ibuprofen, got myself into a position where it didn’t hurt, and considered my options.

There weren’t many. In fact, you could count my options on the fingers of one finger –

Option 1 – stay in bed and wait for the Ibuprofen to do its job.

There was no Option 2.

I gave it an hour, and the Ibuprofen wasn’t making any headway. Time to call work – I was due to work 12 noon to 9pm. Good job I keep my phone by my bed too!!

And I was booked for a session at the gym mid-morning. Well, that wasn’t going to happen either.

After a while, driven by boredom and lulled into a false sense of security by the fact that it wasn’t hurting – it wasn’t hurting purely because I wasn’t moving – I decided to get up, have a shower, and get dressed. It took me two hours. And another 30 minutes to feed the cat.

Then I sat on the sofa and watched Inspector Frost. And more Inspector Frost. Again, as long as I didn’t move, it was bearable.

Took more Ibuprofen after 4 hours, and by lunchtime I was able to get to the kitchen for long enough to grab some food. That makes it sound like I did it quickly – I did not do it quickly.

I went back to bed in the afternoon.

Yesterday I had to cry off work again. Back on the sofa, sitting very straight and with my back supported. There’s a limit to how much daytime TV one person should watch – I exceeded that limit.

But by teatime I was beginning to feel a bit more mobile. Worth at least attempting to get out to the supermarket. But of course, it’s not just walking to the supermarket. First you have to go upstairs to find your boots. Then you have to put your boots on.

I walked over to Aldi, which luckily isn’t too far away. I bought a pizza and more Nurofen.

I’ll be back at work today.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. LittleDreams says:

    Aw mate, that sounds sh*t! Just catching up on your posts, sorry you are a bit down in general, but I totally get it. I am too- maybe different reasons than yours but hey, I’m going for solidarity I can get at the moment! Look after yourself and don’t rush back to work,xxxx


    1. It’s all just a bit much, isn’t it. Lots of solidarity being sent your way. I was back at work today – managed to avoid doing any heavy lifting, was mostly just desk-based, so all was good. A ‘normal’ day off tomorrow, and then I should be tickety boo. xx


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