Blogging On

Wow – I’ve had a flurry of new followers over the last couple of weeks.

Welcome all!!

It’s probably time for a bit of a recap. Apologies if you know all this stuff already!

It’s about 18 months since I started this blog. My husband had walked out on our marriage four months previously, and seriously, what else is a woman to do in that situation?

Here’s my very first post.

I started blogging to help myself answer the simple question, ‘What the hell happens next?’ But it’s morphed into a general outlet for my thoughts, other people’s thoughts, and the occasional general whinge.

13,000 people from 81 countries have visited my little corner of the web. And on average you’ve read about 4 posts every time you’ve visited – this means you haven’t just clicked in and clicked out, you’ve lingered and read and, I hope, enjoyed. I’m chuffed to bits about that. Isn’t the Internet a wonderful thing!

So, now that you’re here, I’d really love for you to explore my blog a little more – I’ll help. Let’s do it in some sort of order –

Starting up there, top right, you can Contact me directly. Now and again I invite Guest Bloggers to come and join me – and that’s the way to send me your contributions.

Scroll down with me…

If you think your friends would like to read it, you can share what I’ve written on Facebook or Twitter, or you can share it to a specific friend by Email by hitting the appropriate buttons.

You can like what I’ve written by hitting the ‘Like’ button – and I really do appreciate it.

If you’re not a follower yet, you can become a follower by using the ‘Follow’ button – this means you’ll get new posts straight to your inbox. It also means I will love you forever.

As you scroll down, you come to some suggestions for further reading – the wonderful WordPress algorithm picks posts that are on a similar subject to the one you’ve just read. Take a look!!

Keep scrolling, and you’ll come to buttons that’ll take you to the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ posts from the one you’re on.

You can Leave a Reply if you would like to comment on what I’ve written – and I really do reply to all comments from nice people.

Next – you can search! If you wonder if I might have written about a particular subject, just enter it in the Search box  and see what comes up. Think of it as a lucky dip.

You can translate what I’ve written into pretty much any language you care to name. Go on – you know you want to.

And last but not least, scroll all the way down to see my ‘Sixty and Me’ badge – from time to time I write a piece for the ‘Sixty and Me’ blog, and clicking on that badge will take you straight to my column on that site.

Thank you again to all my lovely readers and followers. I still don’t know what the hell happens next – but it’s fun finding out. Come with me for the ride!

Scroll all the way down to Follow, Share, Like or Comment on this. And check out my ‘Sixty and Me’ badge.

I always reply to Comments from nice people.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. SisterStay says:

    Congratulations,Shelagh! You write so well and deserve all your followers. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! I enjoy doing it, I’m really chuffed that so many people enjoy reading it!! xx


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