Still No Birds

I get no birds in my garden. I may have mentioned this before.

Yesterday I was at my back door when I heard a lot of twittering – a flock of long-tailed tits were in a tree in the garden behind my house. This was very exciting. They’re quite a rare bird in the UK, but occasionally a flock will pass through and stop to feed awhile.

There were a couple of of blue tits in the tree as well!! And there were two robins ON THE ROAD.

I have a bird feeder, with nyger seeds (loved by robins, according to the packet). But no – they’d rather peck at something in the road..

The long-tailed tits flew off, towards the front of my house. Yippee!! But no – they kept going.

There’s a very large tree in the garden opposite, and at the same time as the long-tailed tits were flying away, a small flock of starlings landed in the tree. There must have been maybe 20. One of them flew down and looked at the bird feeder – and then flew away again.

Seriously, what is wrong with my garden??

At the moment I have meal worms and nyger seeds out, half a coconut and a bowl of water, and I also put out bread (decent, seeded wholemeal bread!!!). An occasional wood pigeon will come down and polish off the bread, but other than that – nothing.

I would be so pleased to see them. I really would.

If anyone’s got any suggestions about what I can do to encourage the little blighters to come and spend some time on my bird feeder, I’d be most grateful.

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  1. Juliet says:

    What a shame! So near but so far. My Mum – on the edge of Bath – has long-tailed tits visiting frequently and they devour her suet blocks. If we put suet out (edge of Greater Bristol) we get mobbed by starlings. We both get a lot of goldfinches – who now seem to prefer sunflower hearts to nyjer seed for some reason. It’s all very mysterious. One thing that is guaranteed to cause all birds to disappear is when you sit down in January with pen and paper to do the tally for the Great Garden Birdwatch!


    1. Oh yes – I did it last year. Not. One. Single. Sodding. Bird. Lots flying over, but not one landing!!


  2. Joan Mudd says:

    I blame Beetroot.


    1. I know – it’s tempting (Beetroot is next door’s cat, don’t ask…) – but I’ve even seen a Willow Warbler in their garden!!!


  3. Sheena says:

    I gave up on nyger seed as it just used to sit there, and now use sunflower hearts which the tits and finches seem to love. Nyger seed attracted the goldfinches in the first place but their tastes have changed. I also have fat balls and peanuts out and get a lot of visitors to my garden which has a lovely beech hedge which offers the small birds a lot of cover. The starlings come in a noisy mob for the fat blocks and mealworms and in spring when they bring their “babies” it’s wonderful. The babies look bigger than their parents and just demand feeding even though they could do it themselves.
    Off to top up the feeders, my job on a Sunday, I think I spend more on feeding the birds than myself sometimes!

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    1. I’m thinking of going back to nuts – nyger seeds and mealworms just don’t seem to be popular with my local birds!!


  4. Letitgocoach says:

    I had to let my feeder go. The birds rarely used it but it was a major challenge for the squirrels. Now, I sprinkle it right on the ground. They seem to love it there, and they share with the squirrels.


    1. I did exactly that a few years ago – got tired of chucking out mouldy nuts etc etc. But then I thought I’d give it another go… watch this space.

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  5. SisterStay says:

    I feel for you!! We all want little feathered friends to visit, especially when big, smooth-skinned friends are not allowed. My son is great at attracting birds he sees to come closer by playing bird sound apps on his phone, but you can’t do that all the time. Maybe there are some interesting ideas for you in this article about garden sounds: Good luck!


    1. Interesting idea!!


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