God Bless America

If there is a God, which I doubt.

They certainly need all the help they can get.

I have some questions about the events on Capitol Hill on 6th January 2021. Where was security? Why were people wearing sweatshirts printed with ‘CIVIL WAR 6 Jan 2021’ if it wasn’t pre-planned? Why do Trump supporters look so weird? Why has it taken the ‘other’ Republicans so long to condemn Trump?

Something died on Capitol Hill yesterday. Was it Democracy? Was it respect for authority? Was it our belief in America’s power for good in the world?

Or maybe the scales have fallen from our eyes and we are seeing the real America. An America that has always been racist, has always been selfish and uncaring, has always believed that might is right. An America where the veneer of civilisation has always been very thin.

A country founded on the belief that ‘the only good Injun is a dead Injun’, and funded by the enslavement of Africans, should never have been allowed to claim the moral high ground in the first place.

I used to say that Democracy only works if the losing side doesn’t mind losing.

I now realise that Democracy only works if the losing side believes it has no choice but to appear to not mind losing. And if the losing side no longer believes that, where does that leave us?

I feel desperately sorry for the good guys in the States. I hope Biden can start the healing process. But I fear that things have gone too far.

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Photo by Michael Judkins from Pexels

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Joan Mudd says:

    Perhaps the instigator of this horror could seek refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy as I understand that they don’t have an extradition treaty with the USA. That way he would be safe because surely now somebody has got to take action against this man.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s certainly a thought… Would it mean he couldn’t come back? That would be good.


  2. gosforthgirl says:

    I am as shocked as you that security seemed to be absent y`day. The time has come that Trump should be removed now and not wait for the removal vans to come! He has no shame. Four people died yesterday and he does not take responsibility for his behaviour.


    1. It’s all very strange. Why have they allowed him to get away with it all for so long?


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