Advice to Women

In view of recent events, and comments in the media, I’ve gathered together the advice we women have been given throughout our lives to ‘help’ us to stay safe. I’m sure it’s not a comprehensive list – add the ones I’ve missed to the comments below!

With thanks to Philippa H Stewart (@Flip_Stewart), whose post on Twitter I’ve borrowed and extended.

  • Don’t walk home in the dark.
  • Don’t get a taxi.
  • Don’t use public transport.
  • You’re driving yourself there??
  • Always walk in a well-lit area.
  • Get home as quickly as you can.
  • Don’t carry protection, it could be turned against you.
  • Don’t forget, mace is illegal in the UK.
  • Why didn’t you defend yourself?
  • Don’t lead them on.
  • Don’t make them angry with a straight refusal.
  • Don’t walk quicker if someone is behind you, it shows you’re scared. And besides, not all men…
  • Why didn’t you run away?
  • Take it as a compliment.
  • Why did you smile and say thank you if you didn’t mean it?
  • Don’t wear this, or that, or that.
  • Wear shoes you can run in.
  • Why do you wear jeans and trainers all the time? You’d look so pretty in a skirt and heels.
  • Don’t draw attention to yourself.
  • Don’t be too shy, that’s seen as a challenge.
  • He’s not that bad.
  • Why didn’t you trust your instincts?
  • Why didn’t you report it?
  • Where’s your proof?
  • Are you sure? He’s such a good guy.
  • Don’t be so dramatic.
  • It can’t have been that bad, you don’t seem upset.
  • Wear headphones so you can’t hear the comments.
  • Don’t wear headphones, you need to know what’s going on around you.
  • Don’t get drunk.
  • Don’t be so uptight, relax, have fun! Have another one!
  • Don’t be so suspicious.
  • Why didn’t you keep an eye on your drink?
  • Why did you go by yourself?
  • Why are women always hanging round together?
  • Be wary of strangers.
  • Remember, most women are attacked by people they know.

And of course, if we don’t follow the advice we’ve been given to the letter, we run the risk of being seen as the one to blame…

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Photo by Sami Anas from Pexels

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