It Isn’t Over

One year on. Or should I say one year in.

I worry that there seems to have been a sea-change in people’s attitudes over the last few days. It feels like it’s over. More and more people are getting their vaccines, the numbers are coming down, the sun is shining. We have the prospect of things starting to open up.

It isn’t over.

We are going to be wearing masks, sanitising our hands and keeping our distance from people for a long time to come. Or at least we should be.

There’s even talk of making 23rd March a Covid Memorial Day.

NO!! It’s too soon.

You start thinking about memorials when something is over, finished. Not when it’s barely started. It’s much, much too soon to be thinking about a memorial day. The first Remembrance Day was 1919, not 1915 – and 11th November was the end of the war, not the beginning. Wait until the last person has died of Covid, then we can start to think about a Memorial Day.

It’s just a year since that first lockdown started. Just four weeks, they said. Four weeks should do it. I wrote this exactly a year ago – Lockdown. I wonder how we would have felt if we’d known then that we would still be living with Covid a year later.

Because I work for a major DIY store, we were classed as key workers.

With two-thirds of the staff furloughed, and ‘only’ providing the Click and Collect service, jeez that was hard work. I honestly thought my feet would never recover.

But it’s been a strange year in many ways. Strange because I think the pandemic has had less of an impact on me day-to-day than it’s had on most people.

I’ve still been working, which means I’ve still been with people. Socially distanced of course, but still out of the house and doing something.

Days off have been difficult, unable to get out and about or meet up with friends – but nothing compared to what some of those friends have been going through.

I volunteered to take part in clinical trials for a Covid vaccine back in November. The trial was meant to last for a year, but events overtook us and the Pfizer/Biontech and Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines came on stream phenomenally quickly. When I got the call to go for my ‘normal’ vaccine, I was unblinded from the trial and told that I had in fact had the real thing back in November.

So all that time I’d been immune, without realising. Which is a very odd feeling.

Apart from having to cancel my holidays and not being able to meet up with friends or relatives for any sort of fun and games, Covid really hasn’t had that big of an impact on me.


It isn’t over.

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Mrs ESTJ says:

    You’re right it isn’t over. Normal won’t return for the foreseeable future. I also hope that what was considered ‘normal’ will never return in it’s entirety. I’ve spent more time in nature and staying local. Less time in the car visiting people up and down the country, no time commuting so I can now take my girl to school. It’s not all been bad and I hope we don’t have to return to 1000 miles an hour again just yet.


    1. I think there’s a lot of people feeling like that – it’s like we’ve been given time to reassess what’s important to us. xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. dolphinwrite says:

    How many have actually carefully thought through, did the research, realized the research utilized fetal tissue, realize MRNA is new regarding any science on long-term effects, and wondered why a virus with pretty much normal flu-like numbers is being constantly pressured through every means possible, which also seems to be going in the direction of people carrying cards or they’ll be ostracized from society, that every year they’ll have to get another shot to continue carrying those cards, which means more controls. Then, following this line of understanding, seeing that we are becoming a society of blind thinkers, that the stage is set for more controls in many arenas, as we are continuing to show, through pressure, we can be made to do anything. With time, you’ll be “tagged” for any words you’ve ever expressed that defies controls, you’ll have to attest to certain beliefs in order to have a card saying you’re one of them, and so on.


    1. I have.

      Yes, mRNA is new, if you define new as something that researchers have been working on for 30 years – yay science!! (source Harvard Health Publishing)

      ‘Pretty much normal flu-like numbers’? Flu season 2017/18 (a particularly high year) 22,087 people died of flu in the UK. More than 126,000 have died with Covid in the UK. That’s an order of magnitude higher (source Public Health England)

      I’ve had two doses of the trial vaccine I’m involved with, and have a card to prove it. I don’t feel controlled. If I need to have another jab next year in order to maintain my immunity, that’s fine.

      Did the research utilise fetal tissue? Would be interested in knowing what your sources are for that assertion.

      Is society becoming more controlled? In someways, maybe – I do worry about the ease with which we all accepted Lockdown and the general reductions in our lives. But maybe those anti-mask protests are society’s way of saying that actually we haven’t really accepted it at all (not that I agree with them). You paint a very dystopian view. What are you doing to make sure it doesn’t come true?


  3. dolphinwrite says:

    Thanks for the response. Now, readers can research and think for themselves. In this way, those who truly want to know will, with time. The rest will have to live in lies.


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