Quite Giddy

I was wide awake at 4 this morning. Alarm was due to go off at 6 ready for me to get into my gym gear and head to the gym for 6.30.

Yes, I was that excited.

I got up and made myself a cup of tea and a bowl of cereal and took it back to bed. Once I’d had it, I made myself lie down again, on the off chance I might snooze a bit before the alarm went off. Maybe I did, a bit. But mostly I was awake, warm and comfy, and just enjoying not having to get up just yet.

But what I don’t understand is why I was so excited. Seriously, couldn’t wait.

The lovely Jules, who runs the gym I go to, has been organising virtual sessions pretty much three times every day since the first lockdown. She wrote a guest post about it here.

The sessions are then available to download at any time. I have a yoga mat and weights in the spare bedroom. I could have done a workout at ANY TIME.

I fully intended to. During the first lockdown I didn’t do any of the virtual sessions at all and was cross with myself about it. I promised myself that I would do better this time. I did two or three and then – not so much.

I could have done a workout when there was nothing on the TV. I could have done a workout when the weather was too bad for going out. Hell, I could have done a workout in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep.

All I had to do was pop into the spare bedroom and turn the laptop on.

Did I?? No. No I didn’t.

But the idea of getting back into the actual gym, even though I have to make the effort to walk down there whatever the weather (frost, this morning)? Giddy with excitement.

Whether you’re doing something today that you’ve missed doing for a long time, or staying home and waiting for the excitement to die down before you venture out – enjoy your day.

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