Strictly – not long now!

It’s nearly time for the Strictly final!! How time flies!! Back in September I wrote down my thoughts about each of the dancers, based on nothing but total ignorance of any aspect of dance. This is what I wrote – interesting to see how right I was about some people and how wrong I was about others –

Anneka Riceyes, I remember Challenge Anneka. But oh dear, not an ounce of rhythm. Really surprised, as she’s so physical. Yes, I was right there, no sign of improvement, didn’t last long.

James Cracknell again, oh dear. So serious. Interesting that he didn’t make a single mistake – but so, so serious. He’s an athlete, he can be coached. I predict much improvement. No improvement, really surprised.

Dev Griffinlooked just lovely. And also looked like he was actually leading the dance, which as they always tell us, is hard for the male celebs. I thought he went out far too early – there were others (I’m looking at you Mike Bushell) who should have gone out before him.

Alex Scottfeel guilty for not recognising her (my step-daughter was a football coach, I should know this stuff). But wasn’t she fab – lovely dancing. She’s up there with the best. And she got better and better.

Kelvin FletcherI don’t watch Emmerdale, so didn’t know anything about him. But wow. Just wow. And still – wow.

Will Bayleyhadn’t heard of him. Wow, wow, wow. Such a shame he got injured – I don’t think he would have been in for much longer, but it would have been nice for it to have ended ‘properly’.

Michelle VisageI’ve never watched RuPaul’s Drag Race, so I hadn’t come across her – but us ladies of a certain age have to stick together. Go gurl. Such an interesting woman – and so brave to allow herself to be seen without make-up.

Emma Weymouthloved her to bits. Not bad at all – and determined to get it right. Another interesting woman.

Karim Zeroualhadn’t heard of him (CBBC? It’s been a while… ) Phenomenal. He was phenomenal to begin with, and just got better and better.

Mike Bushellhave always liked his sports reporting, and particularly his ‘have a go’ pieces, so not surprised that he’s good at this. Ha!! His first dance was good – for a first dance. Trouble is, he never really improved. Stayed in the competition longer than I expected, and longer than some people who I thought were a lot better.

Catherine Tyldesleynope, didn’t know her (I don’t watch Corrie either). The judges really liked her, but I thought she was a bit insipid. Sorry. I don’t really remember her…

Saffron Barkerso energetic. Fun. Looking to see how far she can go. Very ambitious, very hard working. Didn’t like to lose – but she will go far, I think.

Emma Bartonnope, I don’t watch Eastenders either, so I’ve no idea who she is. Fabulous dancing. Has brought Anton a great deal of joy!!

Chris Ramsey not seen any of his comedy. He looks far too much like that bloke off of Countryfile. A way to go… And didn’t he do well!! A thoroughly nice guy, put in the graft and improved beyond all recognition. Probably right that he didn’t make it to the final, but definitely gets the prize for most improved.

David James so tall!! Lovely – soft knees. Some improvement, I thought – but not nearly enough.

So – who will win? We’ve got, in no particular order, Kelvin, Karim and Emma. We’ll have the chance to vote tonight – if we can bring ourselves to vote again. At least this time I won’t mind who wins…

It’s a hard one to call – what are your thoughts?

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheenpeen says:

    Loved this series, and like you I don’t mind who wins. One of my favourite dances was Chris Ramsey’s street dance to Ant & Dec, looked like such good fun. It would be nice for Anton if he finally got a win but I think it’ll be one of the boys. I’m really looking forward to all the show dances too.


    1. I just love it. Every year I think ‘I really would love to learn to dance’, and every year I never quite get around to it. But I enjoy watching other people doing it!!


  2. Joan Mudd says:

    Kelvin, then Karim and Emma. I hope it is Kelvin but I would be happy with Karim. I feel that I should be sticking up for the girls but I don’t think that Emma has got it – the “it” that makes you the winner. However, the Anton factor is really strong so who knows?


    1. Yes – if Emma won, I’d be more pleased for Anton than for her!!! Ditto – I’d like Karim to win but wouldn’t mind if it was Kelvin!


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