No More Days Off

Bright flowers to brighten your day.

I had a day off from work yesterday. Turns out I’m a key worker. Didn’t see that coming.

So – first thing I did was sleep for nine hours – from 10pm until 7am. For someone who normally only feels the need for about 5 hours’ sleep, I think that shows I’m quite tired with it all.

Up and at it first thing. We were given some free bedding plants from work, as we’re no longer selling them (essential items only at the moment) – so they needed to be planted. I was glad I did them first thing, as the weather went off a bit later on.

The lodger and I are taking it in turns to deep clean our shared areas (kitchen, laundry room, living room). I did it mid-week, and he set-to and did it yesterday. I’ve treated him to a pair of rubber gloves – it’s the least I can do! I really appreciate that he’s prepared to muck in. Afterall, I’m much more likely to bring the virus home than he is – he’s working from home and only goes out once a week to shop.

I’m helping a couple of elderly neighbours, so did some shopping for them next. I phone them every two or three days, just for a chat. No idea if it’s helping – they’re probably thinking, ‘Bloody hell, not her again, can’t I have 5 minutes’ peace…’ but it seems like the right thing to do.

Spoke to my Mum – she’s got things pretty well organised, with deliveries of fruit and veg from their normal greengrocer, and now getting milk and papers delivered too. It’s just like the olden days!! I tried to do an online shop for her, but predictably all slots for the next three weeks are fully booked. The important thing is that they’re coping pretty well with it. They have neighbours who have offered to help, which is wonderful (I live 2 hours’ drive away).

In the afternoon I deep cleaned my bathroom and my bedroom. Ironically, I’d just recently decided that I could afford to go back to having a cleaner. She’d only been once, and then had to stop!!

I couldn’t decide what to have for dinner last night. I’m actually not feeling particularly hungry, but that’s down to stress – I know myself pretty well. I found a chicken and mushroom pie in the freezer, made at the start of all this madness – good call!!

When did our lives stop being normal? I don’t think I did a single thing yesterday that wasn’t related, one way or another, to Covid-19.

I had this crazy idea a week or so ago that I would continue to post ‘normal’ posts. Then I thought that I would post something ‘normal’ now and again. Now I realise that this is our normal. We don’t get days off from it.

How are you coping with it all?

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. gosforthgirl says:

    Now that Sains….have deemed me ` elderly and vulnerable` I`m taking full advantage of it! I currently have an internet slot so currently sharing it with 5 neighbours for maximum effect.

    As I`m self isolating we have devised a pick up to protect them and me!

    It took me 2 days to process I had to self isolate for 3 months and it`s hard and I am wingey from time to time but only me to know!

    I bet the plants brightened up your day.

    One perk from the job which you richly deserve.x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so tough, isn’t it. And three months is a long time. Personally, I think a good solid whinge is good for the soul. Have you tried ranting?? I can recommend that too. xx

      Liked by 2 people

  2. gosforthgirl says:

    I can do ranting too! I have skills!

    My brother looked askance at my shopping scheme…well he didn`t ` look` as he`s in Yorkshire and no shopping problems there apparently!

    Without sounding ` Pollyanna` about it, I reckon we just have to help each other through this AND stay safe.

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    1. Haha – you go girl!! I’m in Yorkshire too – and to be fair, it’s not been too bad shopping-wise. No toilet rolls for a while, but even they are starting to come back into stock. Anyone thinking of buying more than one pack gets such a dirty look from the people in the queue at the check out, I don’t think they’d dare!!
      And you’re right – we all just have to do what we can to help everyone stay safe and sane and get through this. xx

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  3. Michelle says:

    I know what you mean about trying to do something “normal “ (non Pademuc related) and it just doesn’t work very well, does it? I’m enjoying your “new normal” posts so keep at it. Unemployed grown son living here has decided to grow lots of vegetables. A la Victory Gardens! So I’m grateful to your type of “essential worker” as we call them in the states. We’ve been to Lowe’s twice for supplies, and I found a pair of gardening gloves for my own endless weeding and tidying that are heaven on Earth. Went right into my gratitude journal, LOL! Take care everyone. Stay safe. Stay sane!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Growing veggies sounds like a great idea. I’ve got some rhubarb just thinking about coming back to life (although with wintery showers passing through earlier today, it may have changed its mind…). Glad you’re enjoying the posts. xx

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  4. SisterStay says:

    Another cracking post. It’s good to hear how everyone is coping. I am especially pleased that you got some of the only bedding plants this year. It’s the least you deserve. And a pat on the back for your lodger please. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha – I’m not sure about patting him on the back – can I do that from 2 metres??

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