Life under Lockdown – The Holiday

Here’s my first Guest Blogger – there will be more!

What We Did on Our Holidays – by 67 and Stopped Counting
Like everyone else at the moment we are in a state of uncertainty in these aptly named uncertain times – except that we are on vacation in Mallorca.

We left the UK on March 8th for our little apartment in the north east of the island. We’ve been coming out to Mallorca at the beginning of March for a few years now. There is a classic car rally that we go watch. The weather is fresh and warm after the British winter. It means we can play golf without thermal underwear. It means we can eat at lovely restaurants overlooking the Med. It means we can drive around the beautiful countryside and take in local “things” like the Fira del Fang – festival of pottery. But mostly after the UK winter, it means we can go outside.

Only we can’t.

We spent the first week whizzing around the island and looking forward to lunch with a bunch of chums on Sunday the 15th. But then things began to happen. Two of our friends (one of whom works as cabin crew for BA) cancelled their flights saying that things were not good. Another two did the same. We watched the BBC news and read the Spanish press. Things were distinctly bad. Then the restaurant cancelled our booking and before you could say knife, we were in a full Spanish lockdown.

The Spanish do not mess about. If you are in lockdown, you are in lockdown. The police patrol constantly. There are soldiers on the streets. There is no going for a walk or cycling for “exercise”. There is nothing. You are allowed to go to the supermarket for essentials (which includes wine). You are allowed to go to the doctor, the pharmacy and the tobacconist. You are allowed to go to the bins and you are allowed to walk the dog.

Dog walking is quite interesting because you are only supposed to go as far as it takes for the “performance” and in any case no further than 250 metres from home. Someone we know here actually went and got a rescue dog on the first day of the lockdown just so she could go out! I kid you not.

People are breaching the lockdown here just as they do in the UK – but with severe consequences. The couple found skinny dipping on the local beach was fined €600. A lady who was allegedly walking her dog up in the mountains behind us fell and broke her leg, necessitating the services of mountain rescue, police, ambulance and the fire service. She is facing a prison term.

The police will stop you and ask where you are going. You need to produce ID and proof of address. If you are shopping you need to have a list and appropriate kit, ie shopping bags, with you. If you are dog walking, you need a dog. We are aghast at the UK ‘Lockdown Lite’ and the attitude of some people thinking “it” can’t happen to them. Stay home!! It works.

The Covid-19 rate of infection here in Mallorca is minimal now, confined mainly to care homes. They are thinking of easing things here in a couple of weeks. Maybe they will and maybe they won’t. We only know that Spain seems to have got it right and that our 12 day holiday is 48 days – so far. We have been locked down for 41. Our flight home was cancelled. We have no idea what’s happening but we feel safe here with the strict rules. We will sit it out.

67 and Stopped Counting (love the name…) is a Canadian girl transplanted into Yorkshire, England and loving her retired life with her husband. She has many pastimes including reading, lampwork, jewellery making, pottery and her big love, golf. She enjoys spending time in their Mallorcan hideaway and living the good life. The Spanish call retirement ‘jubilado’. And I think she’ll be even more ‘jubilado’ when this is over and they can come home.

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Stay safe. Stay Sane. It’s not forever. We can do this.

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  1. SisterStay says:

    I really enjoyed reading this, thank you. Soldiers on the streets sounds like Spain certainly means business. I understand the authorities coming down hard on the woman who required the full emergency services whilst walking her dog in the mountains but I think social distanced daily exercise is essential to both mind and body so am glad I am in the UK. I hope the woman who got the rescue dog continues to love it even after lockdown!


    1. Yes, I was wondering about the rescue dog too!! Time will tell.


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