Life under Lockdown – The Holiday Part 4

Guess who’s STILL still on holiday… This is getting silly now.

What We Did on Our Holidays – Part 4 by 67 and Stopped Counting

Being locked down in a foreign country is a strange experience.

We are stuck in Mallorca after popping out for a quick holiday at the beginning of March to chase away the British winter blues. Then the lockdown happened. We spend a lot of time on our balcony contemplating life and passing comments about the neighbours. But that’s not our only pastime.

We spend a lot of time online looking at flights from Palma to… well, anywhere. There are no direct flights to the UK. Apparently there was a flight going to London Heathrow via Madrid which we did consider. However the whole trip was 21 hours and we couldn’t envisage hanging around Madrid for 16 hours waiting for a flight to a place that is 200 miles from home, then having to get a hire car, if hire cars exist nowadays, in order to get back to Yorkshire. So, no.

We spend a lot of time chatting on WhatsApp and e-mail to family and friends. We miss them all so much. We check Facebook and the BBC news online but surprisingly find that The Sun online seems to be the most unbiased.

We watch TV which comes to us via the super fast fibre broadband they have here in Mallorca. We are keen golfers and watch Sky Golf and NBC golf for our daily fix. We watch boxed sets online. My current favourite is King of the Hill. I’d forgotten how good that show is.

We read our Kindles and download new books. We have real books too but we finished those weeks ago and there is no opportunity to swap them at the Charity shop.

We also exercise a bit – nothing too much as we can’t go outside for a walk or to cycle (not that I would cycle) and thudding up and down doing exercise classes (think Jane Fonda) on the top floor of a block of apartments is not going to win you friends. However my Mallorcan golf coach, who is really Irish/South African – it’s complicated – has posted some yoga exercises online for aged golfers to improve their mobility and breathing during this time of inactivity. We’ve been doing those.

I have also signed up for an online Archaeology course via the University of York, which explores the Mesolithic site of Star Carr in East Yorkshire. I am halfway through Week One’s studies and it’s fascinating. It is mainly reading and watching educational videos. When I worked for a living my organisation collaborated on the last series of digs that took place on this site and they display some of the finds, so I have a special place in my heart for Star Carr.

We also order our wine online from a local vineyard which, as luck would have it, has arrived as I type.

You may have noticed that apart from gossiping about the neighbours, all of our activities involve the internet. What would we have done without it? I can’t imagine. Bless Spain and its progressive attitude towards technology. We watch the BBC news as they try to talk to people in their homes via the internet only to see dropped connections, frozen images etc. Our own home in Yorkshire has slow connectivity and it is a struggle at times to use the net. Clearly we are not alone. Here’s a thought. In these times of crisis how about scrapping HS2 and investing some of that money into online connectivity instead? We clearly need it.

Stay safe.

67 and Stopped Counting is a Canadian girl transplanted into Yorkshire, England and loving her retired life with her husband. She has many pastimes including reading, lampwork, jewellery making, pottery and her big love, golf. She enjoys spending time in their Mallorcan hideaway and living the good life. The Spanish call retirement ‘jubilado’ – and I’m sure she will be very ‘jubilado’ when they are able to come home.

If you would like to write your own Guest Blog, about your Life under Lockdown, I’d love to hear from you! Click here to see what you need to do. It’s more important than ever that we hear each other. And if you’re reading this, and thinking ‘she doesn’t mean me‘ – you’d be wrong. Get writing!!

Stay safe. Stay sane. It’s not forever. We can do this.

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. SisterStay says:

    I can just imagine how frustrating it must be stuck so far from home. If it’s any consolation, the weather here in England right now is a bit grim. The online archaeology course and golf exercises sound like a good use of your time. But perhaps the blog writing has been the real high point? I see a whole new avenue opening up for you … Thanks for sharing with us.


  2. anglosvizzera says:

    I wonder if we’d have even been in lockdown without the internet…or at least not quite as urgently as we are! In fact, the internet has made things far less clear, with various academics ‘coming out’ and telling us about the possible origins of Covid-19 and ways to improve our immune systems, the latter advice sadly lacking from our government. But thanks to the internet we are able to share their advice with friends and family.

    A lot of people mention previous epidemics that occurred in the past, before the internet, such as the Hong Kong flu, where life continued pretty much as normal. Of course there were differences in that people weren’t flying around the world and taking holidays in far-flung places, and probably our health was a lot better before we were told to eat so many carbs which has led to obesity and T2 diabetes…and before the intensive farming, that food we used to eat was probably full of nutrients. We were also not afraid to get out in the sun and gain the benefits of vitamin D production, something that is now being published in the MSM, but known about for a very long time as regards the impact of respiratory viruses.

    Maybe you can invent some board games? My husband worked for a while as an apprentice in a place where there wasn’t much to do, and invented a ‘cricket’ game using a pencil, paper and a pair of dice. When his colleagues (mainly engineers) saw what he’d made, they were fascinated – it was a brilliant game!

    A friend and I, on holiday at my sister’s in Switzerland when we were 12, had got heavily into chess back home, so we made a chess set out of old cereal packets. That passed the time quite well!

    Do you draw? Maybe it’s the time to take up sketching?

    I hope you manage to find a way to keep yourselves sane, and that you’ll be back home soon!


  3. 67 and Stopped Counting says:

    I have just realised that I can reply to these comments myself. Firstly thank you for your kind words. We are both doing fine and are not the type of folks to become bored. Sitting on the balcony and commenting on the neigbours does take up a lot of our time LOL! We wish that we had left the house back in England in a different state had we known that we would be away for 66 days plus. We didn’t turn the water off, we brought all the house keys with us and the car keys too. The mail will be up to he door handle by the time we are back and the car’s brakes will have seized on to the discs. Luckily our next door neighbours are cutting our lawn for us and generally keeping an eye. I have been struggling getting my medication because my GP surgery back in dear old Blighty are being total butt aches. I rang them to ask if they could please e-mail or fax my prescription to the me or the local chemists. They said no … they don’t do that but suggested that I contact the local hospital for help. That is the equivalent of a random Spaniard with rudimentary English ringing Leeds General Infirmary Reception and asking for a prescription. Clearly it has by-passed my GP that there is a pandemic going on Luckily I have good family and friends that have been either sending me their spares or going to Boots to pick mine up and post them out to Mallorca. I also managed (DH managed) to blag 4 weeks supply from the local chemist with a stern warning not to try it again. To be honest this has been the thing that has caused me the most grief. We have got sun, good food – so pure and fresh straight from the farm and a safe place to stay. We are luckier than many. I have enjoyed writing these blogs and anyone who knows me will confirm that I can never shut up either in real life or in print. I don’t draw – tried some lessons and it didn’t work. I’m a 3D kind of a girl. I miss my clay and my lamp work but there are worse things happening. Thank you for your support.


    1. anglosvizzera says:

      How about salt dough? You can get those ingredients easily enough, I would imagine? Not quite the same consistency as clay of course, but might be a reasonable substitute?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There’s a shortage of flour in the UK but maybe it’s not so hard to come by in Mallorca??


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