A Different Normal

Today is going to be a doing-day.

It’s the first mid-week day off I’ve had in a while – I have a list of things I need to do.

  • Wash my work apron and hang it outside to dry.
  • Put away the washing that I did on Monday.
  • Pay a cheque in. I’m doing the occasional online shop for my parents, so they’ve sent me a cheque to cover the costs. My bank doesn’t have a branch near to me, so I have to drive to the nearest one.
  • Do some paperwork for the business I run with my ex.
  • Order more shopping for Mum.
  • My car is due its MOT – I know they’ve been suspended, but I’m still responsible for keeping my car roadworthy. I know I don’t know enough about cars to be confident that I can do that without some help from the man at the garage, so I’m going to give them a ring and see where things stand.
  • My cleaner is coming back!! I’d had a cleaner for years, but gave her up when my husband left me last year. I’d just got back to a position where I felt I could afford to start using her services again when corona virus struck and she had to stop coming. We’ve had a discussion about how she can do the work in a way that keeps both of us safe, and today is the first day. I’m beyond excited.
  • I might do a spot of gardening. It’s No Mow May, but the clematis needs tying back and, although I leave the flowering weeds in the borders these days, there are some grassy weeds that need pulling up and some general tidying that needs to be done.
  • It’s Rubber Chicken day three, so I’ll be making chicken soup for my meal tonight. I need to pick over what’s left of the carcass (it’s already done a roast chicken, a curry, and two lots of sandwiches) then put the bones on to boil up for stock. Tonight I’m going to be adding onions, swede, and pearl barley to the stock, plus whatever chicken meat I manage to find when I pick over the bones. I’ll make enough for a good big bowl of chunky soup for my main meal, with enough left over to be blitzed, which I’ll have for my lunch tomorrow.

I may spend some time just sitting out as well – temperatures are set to hit 25 degrees this afternoon.

Today, I did a few things that weren’t directly related to the virus, so maybe, just maybe, things are starting to return to normal. A different normal, but normal nevertheless.

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Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Joan Mudd says:

    It’s rubber chicken day 3 here too! The stock is simmering nicely as I type.

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  2. anglosvizzera says:

    We got our MoT done the day before our garage stopped! But we had an email yesterday saying they’re open for servicing etc again as of today, so maybe your garage will also open soon?

    Good idea to sit in the sun – get that vitamin D boost if you’re stuck indoors normally when working. Especially now that there are lots of experts saying that most of the people who have been ill with Covid had (or probably had) a vitamin D deficiency and that having a good level seems to be protective to a large extent.

    Great news that your cleaner can come back – gradually things are getting slightly more ‘normal’!!

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    1. Luckily I’m outside most of the time at work at the moment – and we’ve been really lucky with the weather!! But yes, I’ve had a lovely day sitting outside reading – not something I get much time to do.
      I don’t think my garage ever closed. I’ve got the car booked in for next week, so that’s OK.
      Hope you’re still coping with it all.

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  3. SisterStay says:

    How grateful we will all be for such simple pleasures as being able to take the car in for an MOT or get our hair trimmed or pop into a charity shop after this! Glad you enjoyed a day in the sun with your book. x

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hair – don’t even go there!! I tried a kirby grip a la Lucy Worsley. It looks so much better on her than on me!! Might have to try an Alice band next. Oh dear, really not the look I’m going for…

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