Still Owning the Space

A year ago I wrote about ‘Owning the Space’.

Time for a recap about how that’s going.

The garage had always been my husband’s space, and once he’d moved out it was very empty. It still is very empty!!

I finally managed to paint the floor – first of all I couldn’t because the MG was parked on it. Then I didn’t want to buy the paint – floor paint is expensive, and I was Husbanding my Resources. Then I was too busy with the new job – but at least I was able to buy the paint, using my discount card of course! By then it was the winter and too cold for painting. By the time the weather was warming up, we were into the Covid crisis and I was working long hours and was totally knackered – my days off were spent doing as little as possible to try to give my feet time to recover.

I’ve reorganised it a bit, and it’s a very usable space now. I thought I might make it into a gym area – the lovely people who run the gym that I used to go to are now doing sessions online – but due to being knackered and the long hours aforementioned, I’ve never done any of their online sessions.

The living room still only has the big sofa and my patchwork chair. During the winter I realised that with the sofa on the back wall I was sitting as far away from the fire as it was possible to get – which seemed a bit daft. By moving it under the window, the back of the sofa is against the radiator, and I’m closer to the fire. Much nicer.

I could do with a bit more furniture in that room – if I have visitors there’s really only the patchwork chair for them to sit on. But I haven’t been able to have visitors for months… Also, I have to keep one eye on the fact that eventually I’ll have to move out of this house and into something smaller. Better to wait until that happens and then see what’s needed I think.

The spare bedroom still has no bed in it. I’ve moved ‘his’ wardrobe, ‘his’ chest of drawers and ‘his’ bedside table into that room, which means there’s more space in my bedroom – but there’s still no actual bed.

I nearly bought twin beds – my son was coming to visit, but the company couldn’t decide whether or not to offer me interest free credit due to my recent name change. By the time they’d decided, plans had changed and he wasn’t able to come, so I didn’t need the beds afterall, so I cancelled the order.

Then I was going to buy beds because two of the grandchildren were coming to visit while their parents went away for the weekend – but that isn’t happening, due to Covid.

And I’m thinking there’s no point now, as I’m unlikely to be able to afford anything more than a 2-bed, and I already have two beds!

I guess I’m in some sort of limbo. My ex isn’t putting me under any pressure to sell, but I know that eventually I will have to. There’s no point in spending money on things that I probably won’t have room for in my next house. I probably won’t have room for half the stuff I’ve already got!!

But in the meantime, all the space is mine.

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  1. gosforthgirl says:

    Hiya…..if there’s no pressure to move hold fire until house prices have stablized.

    You’ve achieved so much in a tricky year when you’d be forgiven for licking your wounds and doing nothing.

    But you’ve achieved wonders both with work , personal finances and writiing a popular blog!

    Just in case you’re’ checking’ we’re paying attention (!) there are 2 paragraphs that need removing because they weren’t completed….

    Love to be included on the list for potential holiday buddies!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha – just checking… I’ve sorted it now!! Yes, I’m going to hang in here for as long as I can – but there’s no point in pretending that it won’t happen eventually.

      And yes – you can be on the list!!

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  2. Sheila says:

    My ex took everything except my bed, the conservatory furniture
    ( soft furnishings as it was an extension to the living room – now my living room furniture), a spare 32 inch tv and the washing machine. I had to sell our big house , but moved into the small house our daughter used to rent from us – she got married and bought her own house. The white goods were in this house when we bought it, and are now old and not A rated, so will need replacing at some point.
    I bought inflatable beds for when the grandkids stay over
    ( rarely, as they only live 15 minutes away!). They think it’s fun, like their friends’ slumber parties.
    This is my space now, where there is very little of my past marriage of 40 years. It’s not where I envisaged I would be for my retirement, but it is all mine. Moving out from a family home is gut wrenching, especially when the reason takes you by surprise. I was in mine for 25 years, but you can make the new place exactly as you want it – and it would cheaper to live in. Wait until you are ready, though. I didn’t have that option.
    You have been very innovative with your time and resources. I am sure when the time comes, you will be successful. Enjoy your space.

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    1. Blummin’ ‘eck – bit cheeky, taking everything. Was there nothing you could do?

      I’ve never been anywhere for 25 years!! That must have been so hard. I keep telling myself that I’ve moved before (lots of times), I can do it again. And I do like the idea of it being ‘all mine’!!

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  3. gosforthgirl says:

    Sheila – I empathize completely. My ex left me with three children and then got sacked negating the need to pay any financial contribution! he also ` airbrushed` me out of existence by writing a profile on a well known church site( where he works) by not mentioning he had a family! Ho hum!

    You are so right when you talk about your ` space` We live our own lives now without having to kow tow to the whims of others!

    Sorry 58 and counting for hijacking your thread! xx


    1. No worries Gosforth!! Go for it Girl!


  4. SisterStay says:

    You have come a loooong way in a year. And I admire you hugely for managing to survive so cleverly on your own. I think the key to future survival is “don’t buy new”. Freecycle / gumtree / eBay – that’s how to pick up stuff affordably. Then you can get rid of it when you no longer need it too without loss of value.


    1. I think I’m loath to re-fill this house when I’ll likely need to downsize. Doesn’t seem a lot of point in buying stuff just for the sake of it!! But yes, buying second hand is the way forward, then sell on when no longer needed. I bought a demi-lune table at our local auction house for £8. I gave it a damn good clean and fixed the wobbly leg. We had it for a year of two, but never really found a place for it. I sent it back to the auction and it sold for £16 – and then re-appeared at a local antique shop at £45!!!

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  5. SisterStay says:

    Ha ha! As usual, you’re already on top of it.

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