Corona Curves – Progress

Here’s my diary for the first 10 days of attempting to lose my Corona Curves.

But first a bit of history.

My normal weight, from about age 14 until I was about 45 was 7 ½ stone. I’m 5’8” tall. I was basically skinny. So skinny that complete strangers felt they could come up to me in the street and tell me how skinny I was. Rude, actually.

Anyway, from 45 I started to put on a bit of weight. Middle-age, I guess. One day I was 8 stone. Then I slowly crept up to 9 stone and stabilised there. I weighed 9 stone in 2013 when I had my hysterectomy.

9 stone was a good weight. I didn’t feel cold all the time, the boobs were bigger, and strangers no longer felt they needed to comment in the street.

I started going to the gym regularly in May 2018. I could feel myself getting stronger and fitter – I’ve no idea how much I weighed, but I felt comfortable in my skin.

During the height of lockdown, I was no longer sitting at a desk designing kitchens – I was shifting stock and walking miles. And getting very fit (even though my feet were killing me).

But then – the worst of both worlds. I was back at a desk, but the gyms were still closed. I noticed that my clothes were tighter, my middle was flabbier, and what’s that?? The beginnings of a muffin top.

The problem – not enough exercise, and too much time sat at home drinking tea and eating biscuits.

Something had to be done.

This is what I did.

I decided I was going to eat smaller portions, drop the bikkies completely, reduce the amount of alcohol (not that I’m a heavy drinker anyway), drink more water, and do some form of exercise Every . Single. Day.  And I replaced the battery in my scales.

Weight on 9th August, Day One of Operation Corona Curves – 9st 6lbs

Weight on Day 2 – 9st 4 3/4lbs

Weight on Day 3 – 9st 3 5/8lbs

Day 4 – 9st 4 1/8 lbs

Day 5 – 9st 3 7/8lbs

Day 6 – 9st 4 1/4lbs

Day 7 – 9st 4 3/4lbs

Day 8 – 9st 3 ¼ lbs

Day 9 – 9st 3lbs

Day 10 – 9st 2 3/4 lbs

I’ve reduced the amount of tea that I get through considerably – one in the morning, and sometimes one in the evening. And that’s it!!

I’ve only had two biscuits. Although yes, I went to Betty’s in Ilkley and had a Gooey Rascal. With cream. Not gonna feel guilty.

I’ve made my portions smaller, and I’m drinking more water. I’m only drinking alcohol if I’m off work the next day – either a small glass of wine or a small bottle of beer.

And on the days when I’ve not been to the gym, I’ve gone out for a walk.

I’ve learnt a few things over the last 10 days –

  • I’d ended up eating a lot of bikkies. Two chocolate biscuit bars (one at each break) every day at work. Biscuits with every mug of tea or coffee. Lots of mugs of tea.
  • I eat when I’m bored.
  • I’ve been having portions that are basically just too big.
  • And of course, until recently, there was no gym. Yes, I could have exercised at home – but I didn’t. Turns out I need someone yelling at me!

But with a couple of weeks of workouts behind me, I’m starting to feel fitter again. The other day at work I needed to shift 20 packs of laminate flooring – heavy stuff. One of the guys offered to do it – but I felt able to tell him that I could manage. And I could. Proud of that.

And the curves? Well, I’m feeling happier about them. The overhang isn’t hanging quite so far over. The clothes aren’t as tight.

I’m glad I’ve taken stock of my eating habits, it needed to be done – but I think the main cause of the Corona Curves was the lack of exercise.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachy T says:

    Well done you! That’s great progress in a short amount of time 👍 I haven’t got scales so can’t tell you how I’m doing but my jeans are are less snug, lol, so am doing ok too. I definitely think it helps being back in the office as I walk about a lot. Keep up your good work, you’re doing great!


    1. ‘Less snug’ is good! I try not to get too hung up on the numbers – but I know that I feel better for having dropped a bit of weight. For me, it’s the exercise that makes the difference. Which reminds me – I need to book my next session at the gym!! xx


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