Not only Lockdown but also… Coming Home from the Tip

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way Home from the Tip – by 67 And Stopped Counting

It wasn’t actually all that funny.

I slipped on our driveway and have chipped a bone in my foot and/or ankle. It was my own fault really, because I had worn my really old slippery shoes to visit the tip – why wear nice ones?

I came home and parked the car outside the garage which is on a slight slope. It being October here in the UK meant that the tarmac was damp with wet leaves and general yuck.

I stepped from my car and shut the door. That’s when Newton’s third law came into play ‘to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction‘. The force of me shutting the door caused me to slip with one leg shooting out from under me, pitching me forward so that I landed on my knee, with my ankle/foot striking the little concrete strip that separates the tarmac of the drive from the lawn.

Ouch! DH seeing me fall, and hearing the shrieks, came and prised me up from the grass. Apart from a few scrapes and bruises, everything seemed OK, except that it wasn’t.

As time progressed my foot/ankle thing got more painful whilst everything else got better. Thus 48 hours later I came to the conclusion that I might actually need a bit of help.

So, here’s the problem. In these straitened times, who do we call? The GP? Hardly – not ours anyway. They have had a charisma bypass. Can we just rock up at A & E? No, I checked that online.
Do we call an ambulance? No. Apart from wasting resources they take you to either of the major trauma centres of Leeds or Bradford which is downright scary. Maybe I should have rung them at the time – but see previous sentence.

So, we settled on 111. The last time I used a similar service (NHS Direct) was many years ago as an HR Manager. We had a ‘tricky’ member of staff who looked for any excuse not to be in work. He came to me and said that he needed to be sent home for three days because he had been exposed to chicken pox and as one of his colleagues was pregnant, he was putting her at risk. What? Word on the street was that he needed to finish his decorating. Ten years later I am still waiting for the reply from NHS Direct, so I wasn’t filled with confidence.

Anyway 111 was excellent. I rang, told them the problem and they rang back, asked a lot of good questions then gave me a number to ring at my local Minor Injury Unit. I rang, told them the problem and they rang back telling me to come to the car park and ring again. I did. They rang back and they said come in, we’re waiting for you. I saw a receptionist, a nurse, an X-Ray receptionist, an X-Ray technician, the same (lovely) nurse again who pronounced a chipped bone, then a different nurse who fitted my special ‘boot’ and finally the receptionist again, who has booked me into the ‘virtual’ fracture clinic at Bradford Royal Infirmary, who will apparently ring me.

This is not a plea for sympathy or a complaint, but blimey! Look how many people and telephone calls are/were involved in a simple slip. So far six phone calls and five members of staff – each one of them wonderful and all free of charge.

Thank you, NHS.

67 and Stopped Counting (you might remember her previous Guest Blogs, about going on holiday and getting stuck on Mallorca during the first Lockdown) is a Canadian girl transplanted into Yorkshire, England and loving her retired life with her husband. She has many pastimes including reading, lampwork, jewellery making, pottery and her big love, golf. She enjoys spending time in their Mallorcan hideaway and living the good life. The Spanish call retirement ‘jubilado’.

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Photo by Flora Westbrook from Pexels

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