60 Burpees at 60

I turned 60 the day before yesterday. And when we’re not in Lockdown I go to the gym every other day.

I suppose I’m reasonably fit for my age – although I tend to notice the things that I can’t do more than the things that I can do.

I have a Morton’s neuroma in both feet (but it’s fine so long as I don’t wear heels). I have osteoarthritis in my knuckles (but I do the exercises the doctor suggested, and it doesn’t often flare up). I was told about 15 years ago that I suffer from ‘wear and tear’ of the vertebrae in my neck (but that was a load of baloney – the pain was due to not moving enough, rather than moving too much, as proved by the fact that it doesn’t hurt any more). And I have an iffy hip.

But anyway, when I first joined this gym, aged 57 and a half, I decided that I would make sure I was still going when I turned 60. And as my birthday approached I decided that I would actually do a gym session on the day.

Then, of course, Lockdown happened. No gym.

The lovely trainers from the gym put on virtual training sessions every day, so that was better than not being able to go at all. And I’ve got the spare bedroom set up with a yoga mat and space on the window ledge for the laptop.

There are new sessions available online every day at 9:30 and 6pm. I planned to do the 6pm session on my birthday. I was working until 5, should be home before half past, plenty of time to get changed and generally sorted out before it started.

But then life got in the way a bit. I’m a kitchen designer – and someone came in to buy one of my kitchens. It’s not the sort of job where you can just say ‘It’s 5 o’clock, I’m going now’. It was gone half 5 by the time I got away. And after 6 by the time I got home.

So I wasn’t able to do my 60th birthday workout on my 60th birthday. But – virtual workouts have a major advantage over real life workouts. You can do them later.

So yesterday morning, I did my birthday workout. And in honour (is that the word I’m looking for??) of my birthday, the trainer had included 60 burpees.


In blocks of 15.

It wasn’t just burpees. In the 45 minutes session there were lunges, split squats, bicep curls, Russian twists, sit ups, ab saws, goblet squats, shadow boxing, star jumps…

Between you and me, I could only manage 10 burpees in the time allocated for doing 15. So by the end of the session I’d only done 40 out of the 60. But another advantage of working out in the spare bedroom rather than in an actual gym is that you can keep going after the session has finished…

So I had a little rest, then I did five more. Then another five. That got me to 50. And then, because I’m bloody stubborn, I did the last 10 all in one go, just to prove that I could. And I could.

Yes, it was hard. Yes it hurt.

Yes I was bloody pleased with myself.

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheila says:

    Well done for your determination!
    At present, looking after my 10 month old granddaughter 4 days a week, the only “ burpees” I experience are those she does after her bottle!
    Having said that, because she is constantly on the go, I reckon I do a fairly good workout each day with her!
    My aerobics class is cancelled, but lifting a 19lb baby regularly, is just as good as weights, and getting up and down off the floor is as good as step ups…
    Maybe I can save the cost of my gym membership?


    1. Absolutely!! I haven’t seen a single grandchild this year – that’s why I have to keep going to the gym!!!


  2. Joan Mudd says:

    Congratulations! I’m exhausted just reading about it.


    1. The question is – will I be able to do 61 next year???


  3. LittleDreams says:

    Happy birthday lovely! Sorry I missed it, I’m just catching up for the week now. Any number of burpees is pretty impressive with me- I hate them, they are my least favourite exercise! Xx


    1. Hmm – I’m trying to decide which exercise is my favourite now… Kettle bell swings are good. Also any of the lying down ones (bridge, hip thrusters, even sit ups!!). But it’s a bit like maths homework or cleaning out the litter tray – you don’t have to enjoy it, you just have to do it!!!


  4. SisterStay says:

    Happy Burpee! Oops, I mean Birthday!!


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