Tier 4

If you’re waking up to life in Tier 4, I’m so, so, sorry. If your planned gatherings over the Christmas period are in tatters, I’m so, so sorry.

My Christmas was going to be a quiet affair anyway – just me and the lodger, and I don’t think he’s a party animal.

But I feel such a sense of anger, frustration, despair and more frustration for all the people who had planned so carefully, taken this Government at their word, trusted them that a sort of limited Christmas would be possible, and made an effort to make it a good one.

Is it too cynical of me to wonder if this had been planned all along? Most of the money will have been spent now, most of the food will have been bought or ordered. Cancelling Christmas now is perfect timing if you want to keep the money moving but also stop the virus spreading over Christmas and spiking in January.

And of course, if you were an invitee to a Christmas gathering and someone else was doing the food, you’ll have to go out now and try to find something Christmassy to eat, to salvage what you can of the day. Which means spending money that you wouldn’t have been spending otherwise.

I really don’t know. That scenario pre-supposes a Government that can think ahead, and nothing they’ve done so far seems to show any evidence of that.

It’s easy to be wise after the event – if only this and if only that. I don’t think any Government would have found it easy, but I think a different style of Government would have had a better buy-in from the general public, meaning greater compliance, and thus all the restrictions would have been more effective.

I’m tired with it now. Tired of not being with people, tired of pretending to myself that it’s OK really, tired of not being able to see the people I need to see, tired of not being able to hug the prople I need to hug. And really, really tired of having to deal with total twonks who STILL won’t stay 2 metres away, and STILL won’t wear a mask, and (probably) STILL won’t wash their hands.

The upgrading (downgrading?) of some areas of the UK to Tier 4, which is effectively a Lockdown, doesn’t change anything for me right now. But it’s a backward step for all of us – and of course what starts in London and the South East can easily spread to the rest of the country. It’s only a matter of time.

I normally try to end my blog posts on a cheery note, or at least on a positive one. But nope. Not feeling it today.  

Bill Bailey won Strictly last night. That was nice.

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Photo by Renato Mu from Pexels

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  1. SisterStay says:

    I’m not really one for conspiracy theories so I don’t think the government planned a new strain of COVID and a last minute lockdown here in Tier 4 Land, but I do think the whole thing has been handled rather badly. Would another government have handled it better? Who knows. I’m just very grateful that we are ahead of the game with the vaccine and hopefully back on course for some kind of normality by Easter. Fingers crossed. And happy Christmas. Our plans have been cancelled but we are now planning an online escape room adventure with our absentee guests which should be good fun!


    1. Ooo, that does sound fun. I’ll be having Xmas dinner with my lodger (he normally goes home to Spain but obviously can’t this year) – not what I’d originally planned!!


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