Dry January – Have You Wobbled?

My friend invited me to join a group of people online who are doing Dry January – even though I didn’t know anyone else in the group and even though I’m not doing Dry January myself…

A few days ago, I asked if anyone had wobbled – and what they’d done to fight it. Here’s what they said:

1 – Plan ahead – recognise that there might be a moment when you need a drink, and decide what you’re going to do about it.

  • With the announcement at 8pm some of us might be tempted to reach for a g&t or a glass of wine. Stick with Dry January and choose something else.
  • I find reading helps me – at the end of a hard day to allow myself to sit and read for a bit is bliss.
  • Extra support needed around my birthday!
  • It’s boredom and habit.
  • The San Pellegrino has been my saving grace and I find that once I have that in my hand I’m fine.
  • Think back to a time you drank too much and remember how you felt the next day… physically , mentally and emotionally. Then bottle it and remember it next time you think you want a drink.
  • If I think, ‘Oo I’d like a drink’, I stop and question myself… Why? What would I do? How do I think I’d feel the next day? Is it really a drink I want or to sit down and chill?

2 – Know what to do when you feel a wobble coming on

  • I think the best way to deal with today is to go to bed.
  • There’s not much that going to sleep or a cup of tea can’t help.
  • Make sure you get out for some fresh air.
  • A big thing for me is asking myself the question: Will this help or harm?
  • I’ve climbed into bed with my book. Time to lose myself.
  • I’ve had little pangs of desire for an alcoholic drink but nothing too bad yet, but when I do I ask myself some questions like, ‘Do you really want a drink, or are you just wanting to sit and relax?’ Or ‘Are you stressed? Will a drink really help you with that?’ ‘How do you think you’ll feel in the morning?’ So basically I rationalise that craving and think the process through. 9/10 I realise I’m actually not that bothered about the actual drink itself, it’s whatever I’m associating it with – stress relief, relaxation etc etc.
  • I think back to a morning I felt groggy after a few drinks and recall how crap I felt and how I was unproductive – that often helps me abstain.
  • To relax I’ve started meditating again and it really chills me out.
  • Distract yourself and the urge will go.
  • Pamper yourself. Have a soak and put some music on.

3 – Know why you wobble

  • I sometimes drink and eat out of boredom.
  • Sometimes it’s harder if you think everyone around you is succeeding whilst you’re struggling.
  • Travelling home from work, my first thought was that I’d love a lager, but I didn’t.
  • Husband has decided… he’d like a nice bottle of red… so tonight we’ll be sat on the sofa, me with a cuppa and him with a nice merlot. Honestly, I could swear.

4 – Remember why you’re doing it in the first place

  • At the end of this we’ll be healthier, slimmer and more confident.
  • I want to squeeze a lot in this year so something has to give.- and I’ve chosen alcohol and long working hours. Those are the things I’m cutting.
  • For me, this is longer than Dry January, this is a new beginning, a change of life and a new me.

5 – Be realistic

  • Also worth keeping in mind that you won’t be feeling the benefits yet. You might even be feeling worse! Headaches, tired etc etc. It takes the body a while to rid itself of toxins.
  • Feeling uber shite today. So tempting, but I’m going to pour myself a glass of San Pellegrino instead.
  • Tomorrow morning we’ll feel so proud of ourselves , which is far better than beating ourselves up because we gave in to what is merely a temporary prop.
  • Yesterday wasn’t a good day. Today will be better.

6 – Recognise the improvements. You got this!

  • I’m sleeping better and feel overall OK.
  • I feel so much brighter and my blood pressure is good. I’m starting to not even think about fancying a glass of wine or a lager.
  • My perspectives of alcohol have changed and I can’t understand why anyone would want to do that to their body.
  • Feel overall good and surprisingly not missing drinking whatsoever.
  • I’m feeling pretty good, sleeping better… Skin’s looking a bit brighter too!
  • I feel so much brighter, more relaxed and sleeping better. My blood pressure has come right down, which is brilliant as it was creeping up.
  • I find myself waking up easily, if not before my alarm now.
  • My appetite has decreased and my sex drive has increased.

Well done to everyone who is doing Dry January – you’re amazing. You’re all doing great.

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Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

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