The Driving Licence Saga – continued

Back on 2nd February, my driving licence expired.

So, as the law-abiding citizen that I am, on 1st February I went online to renew it.

They have this clever system where you give them your passport number and they can use your passport photo for the new driving licence, thus saving a lot of faffage.

Only, the online system didn’t work. When I rang them they said to just send the old licence, a postal order (!) and the application form by post, and they would still be able to do the passport photo thing. So I did.

My old licence, postal order (!) and application form came bouncing back, with a letter saying I should have included a photo.

So I wrote a covering letter explaining that I’d tried to renew online and been told to send  the old licence, postal order (!) and application form to them, and they could use my passport photo. And I sent the old licence, postal order (!) and application form back to them.

This morning the whole lot came bouncing back again, with a letter explaining that I should have included a photo…

I rang them. Again.

Remember the last time I rang them, and they said I didn’t need to send a photo? They could take the one from my passport?

This time the man at the DVLA said that they should be able to use the photo from my passport, but they can’t. He has no idea why not.

This is going well, isn’t it.

The renewal should have cost me £17.00 and taken about 20 minutes, if I’d been able to do it online. So far it’s cost me £19.40 (they charge you £2.40 for the privilege of sending your own money to someone using a postal order), three stamps at 85p each, three trips to the post box, and 38 days. This time I have to include a passport photo – luckily I have a couple of spare ones, so no need to go to a photo booth and pay out even more money.

The man assured me that I was still OK to drive. I think he expected me to thank him profusely. I didn’t. I just said, ‘I should hope so’.

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  1. Joan Mudd says:

    What a faff! I didn’t know that they still did postal orders. I am an avid fan of Judge Judy (so shoot me) and I am always appalled when the litigants say that they have paid their rent/utilities/car loan etc with a money order. Money order??But that’s the good old US of A. Postal order? What is this? 1956? Does her Majesty’s Gov not have online banking? Why does a Government department want a postal order? Do that have a little YTS that they send to the bank with a pile of postal orders in order to fill in deposit slip? (a YTS because clearly they are 50 years behind the times). Why not ask for a photo in the first place just in case and bin it if they get the system working? Bet it was designed by the same capable folk who delivered Track and Trace, I feel your pain. XX

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  2. I know!! When I went to buy it, the woman at the Post Office had never sold one before and had to ask someone how to do it!! AND I couldn’t pay for it with a card, cash only (which meant withdrawing £20, cos you can’t withdraw £19.40), so my bank balance is down £20 for something that should have only cost £17.


  3. SisterStay says:

    I think this has been designed, as a public service, to give people something to do with all their spare time during Covid. Sadly, they didn’t realise that you already have PLENTY to do so you have been inadvertantly caught up in what was meant to be a government approved recreational activity!!
    Actually, I feel for you because a very similar thing happened to me. Also my Australian passport has just expired and I can’t even apply for a renewal online. I have to wait until everyone is back at work at the High Commission again before booking an in-person appointment in London. So you can take consolation that it’s not just the UK which is faffing people around right now!!

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    1. I think you might be on to something there!! It explains a lot…
      Sorry you can’t get your Aussie passport sorted – what’s the point of having all of this on-line stuff if it can’t be used at times like this?? Hopefully not too long now. xx


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