Taking the Bull by the Horns

Lockdown will start in the UK on 5th November. That’s tomorrow. Glad I hadn’t planned a bonfire party (although the government hasn’t stopped us eating bonfire toffee, which was always the best bit).

I hate to be bored. I also like to take matters into my own hands, I like to feel that I have some control over things.

This time round, I’ve decided to be a bit more pro-active. I’m actively searching for things to do.

I’ve signed up to Richard Osman’s Lockdown Quizzes – I like a pub quiz, so will do it with a glass of wine and a packet of pork scratchings to hand.

I’ve signed up to take part in clinical trials for a new vaccine. No details yet, but it feels good to be doing a teeny tiny something to move us in the right direction. Phase Two and Phase Three trials are a critical part of vaccine development – they give me a vaccine and then watch to see if I catch it. I’ll be watching quite closely myself…

I’ll be sending ‘Red Cross’ parcels to my parents again – I did this in the last Lockdown. I sent sweets, magazines, puzzle books – anything to just give them a lift and a bit of a treat.

I’m going to do the virtual gym sessions that the lovely Jules is setting up. I could have done them last time, but I didn’t – and I regretted it. I’ve got the spare bedroom set up with a yoga mat and somewhere to put the laptop, I’m hoping to borrow some weights and a bench from the gym. I just need to actually do it – and the only thing that stopped me last time was my own basic laziness, so that’s easy to fix.

I’m going back to having takeaways. In fact I may have one a week. My shift patterns are totally random, and one day of the week is much like any other, so instead of waiting for the weekend I think I’ll declare Wednesdays as takeaway night. It’ll help to keep a local business going, and provide employment for someone, which has got to be a good thing. And it’s something to look forward to. Come to think of it, today is Wednesday – whoopee!!

A varied list – but they all involve doing something.

And now over to you – I’m looking for Guest Bloggers. Our theme this Lockdown is ‘Not only Lockdown but also…’ and I’m looking for stories about what else you’re having to cope with alongside Lockdown. The first one was yesterday – Not only Lockdown, but also a broken foot!! Detailed instructions are here.

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  1. SisterStay says:

    Ooh! It’s great to see you with your zing back in time for lockdown. So many positive ideas. I have just signed up to Richard Osman’s quiz newsletter – hope you’re on commission! – and I love your idea of ‘Red Cross’ parcels for your Mum & Dad. So thoughtful. Not sure I want to read any “Not only lockdown but…” articles. I need to fill my head with happy thoughts to get through this. Thanks for starting me off so well.


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