2020 – It’s Been a Funny Old Year Part I

The first of my Reviews of the Year. If you click on the words that are underlined, you’ll be taken (as if by magic) to the blog post I wrote at the time.

It started well enough. I remember making some New Year’s Resolutions – I only made four, and three of them came to nought thanks mostly to Covid-19. I do, however, now eat less meat!!

And then it hit us. Ladies Who Lunch was my last blog before the virus put a stop to all that sort of thing. That was the pre-season lunch for the volunteers at East Riddlesden Hall that I used to work with – but the season never really started.

Then it got serious – we’d brushed things aside with a merry quip about looking forward to a few days off work and stockpiling chocolate, then suddenly We Weren’t Laughing Any More.

Then it got real. I went from being a kitchen designer to being a key worker almost overnight. And the police letter made it official.

And it got tough – it was tough mentally, and for me it was tough physically. I remember putting my boots on after my two days off, and my feet started hurting again before I even left the house. The five days until my next day off seemed such a long time. And I think we’re only starting to scratch the surface of how tough it’s been, mentally, for some people.

But after a while we started to get used to our new normal.

Or did we?

Let’s hope that 2021 is an improvement. It could hardly be worse.

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